Hot Destination Wedding Tips!

So you’ve decided to ditch the traditional hometown wedding to run off to some exotic island with your beloved. Times have changed and destination weddings are no longer limited to a sandy beach. Places like Rome and Paris are also very popular destinations.

Although destination weddings are not considered traditional, there are still proper wedding etiquette guidelines to follow. The goal of wedding etiquette is to show your guests that you love and respect them and that you truly value their involvement in your special day. Wedding etiquette tips

  1. Guests should get at least eight to twelve months notice. This is important because it will give your guests enough time to decide whether or not they can afford to or be able to make proper arrangements to attend.

2. Is the bride and groom required to pay for the travel expenses and hotel accommodation for their guests? According to wedding etiquette it’s not a requirement. I’m pretty confident that most people are aware that they would be responsible for their own expenses.

  1. What additional information should be given to guests? Do provide your guests with information about area attractions. I would encourage you to include hotels and restaurants at different price points so your guests have options and this will allow you to not offend any of your guests.
  1. Is a wedding planner necessary? I highly recommend hiring one especially one who is knowledgeable about your specific location. This will save you a lot of time as he or she can guide you on things like documentation requirements and may be able to get you some special perks and discounts.

These are just a few of the more important things you need to know about Destination Wedding Etiquette from


The ‘Hidden Costs’ Behind Your Outdoor Wedding

Whether you realize it yet or not, your outdoor wedding has a whole host of different costs which an indoor wedding doesn’t. Obviously organizing a wedding is all about preparation to ensure you can get everything you want at good prices.

Unfortunately for many, these hidden costs associated with outdoor weddings tend to creep up on couples and consequently end up giving their bank accounts a nasty sting late on in the day. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, here are the most common hidden costs lingering in the shadows of an outdoor wedding.


Probably the most important of the hidden costs, power is needed for things as important as catering or the DJ’s equipment right down to the pretty little fairy lights you’ve considered to lace running around the walls of the marquee.

Hidden Cost

It’s less the problem that people entirely forget it exists, and more that they are ill prepared. Having a “I’ll just get a few extension cables running from the nearby house” attitude is very likely to bring your whole big day to its knees, so planning some proper power solutions is your best bet.


Thankfully there are lots of companies which specialise in powering sizeable outdoor events, companies like Event Electrix. These guys do anything from a lawn party right up to music festivals so will have no trouble getting your outdoor wedding looking bright and beautiful all day and all night.


No matter whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, there is always going to be plenty of waste following an enjoyable and indulgent evening for all.

Hidden Cost

Obviously for an indoor event, the venue’s staff can deal with it, however in the case of an outdoor event, its quite easy to assume grabbing a £1 roll of black bin liners will do the trick come the special day. In fact, there is so much more waste than you can imagine, food, drink and confetti are just the tip of the iceberg.


Depending on your budget, you have a fairly comfortable budget, it might be worth employing a couple of people to keep on top of the rubbish, or even come and clean up the following day. If your budget is slightly slimmer, why not just hire some large bins from places like Biffa, then get some friends and family to help you clear up the mess the morning after.

Elbow Grease

Similarly, to the issue with waste, something which only exists with outdoor events is the extra labour needed to prepare everything.

Hidden Cost

With indoor venues, obviously the staff will always be on hand to help you shift anything such as tables, music equipment and so on. The obvious problem with an outdoor event is that everything that will exist at the wedding must be at some point constructed. From toilets to the marquee, from the stage to the alter, there is so much to consider.


Companies which supply things like marquees can sometimes have hidden costs for the erection of their marquees so is is something to consider when booking. When it comes to staging, do your homework and find the cheapest option, it might work out better to employ a local scaffolding company to pop up a makeshift stage rather than hire one specifically.

If you are particularly strapped for cash, see what help you can get from friends in the lifting and carrying of everything from A to B.


The obvious reason to plan an outdoor wedding is to enjoy the beautiful summer weather on your special day.

Hidden Cost

The clear problem with summer of course is that it gets cold once the sun goes down. There isn’t much way of improving the conditions of a chilly marquee other than investing in some outdoor heating equipment.


Clearly buying a couple of cheap plug in heaters from your local DIY outlet just isn’t going to do, however luckily there are plenty of outdoor heating specialists around to take this worry off your hands. Companies like Event Heat have a range of different heating solutions for all kinds of outdoor events, and most appropriately for this situation, have some eye catching deals too.

With all these hidden costs now accounted for, hopefully you’ll be able to budget your wedding down to the very last place mat or piece of confetti so that you can concentrate more on enjoying the best day of your life.


Getting Married in Wales

For the last three years we have been planning our wedding which took place in July 2015 at Bodnant Garden in Conwy. It was the perfect setting for us as we both love the welsh countryside and plan to make our home there in the next few years.

The run up to the big day was very exciting as some of our friends were flying in from Australia where we spent time travelling. We were very fortunate to find a great company in both countries to help us with travelling arrangements, the company in Australia was who collected our friends in a 32 seat bus from different locations around Melbourne and took them to the airport. The other was a coach hire company based in Wales called Select Coach Hire who collected our visitors from the airport and also arranged transport for our guests on our big day.

We held our reception at the Groes Inn, Conwy. It is a truly rustic welsh pub and Justin the boss truly deserve his 5 star AA award, the food is really superb.

Some of our friends decided to stay on for a couple of weeks as they had never visited the UK before, so we took them on a trip to Snowdon, Caenarfon Castle and finally down to London so that they could visit all of the famous sights.

Catching up with people you have met abroad in your own country is a great experience as you get to see your own country through the eyes of a visitor and how they are amazed by all of the everyday aspects that you take for granted.

It was also a great start to our married life, being able to take a tour of the UK with good friends and seeing how far we have come since we met our Australian friends during our travels.


Top UK wedding dress designers

The UK boasts of many talented and creative fashion designers, such as CocoMio Bridal. Each of these illustrious geniuses brings their own unique ideas to the world of fashion. We’ve searched high and low to name the very best in modern bridal fashion and compiled a handy list of these leading wedding dress designers for you.

Stephanie Allin
The world famous Stephanie Allin is a modern designer who pays particular attention to exquisite and contemporary bridal style. Her signature style can be seen in Marylebone boutiques and Paris stores. This award-winning wedding dress designer will make you fall instantly in love with her magical designs.

Stella McCartney
Stella had a rocky start to her career but she soon took her position and came up with sexy bridal dresses in 2001. McCartney has managed to attract numerous high-profile celebrities upon launching her grown-up and tailored label. Her wedding dresses are perfect for the red carpet. Because Stella is a strict vegetarian, none of the materials she uses is made from fur or leather.

Suzanne Neville
Suzanne is one of the leading designers of bridal wear in Europe. All of the dresses she designs are British made. Neville adheres to traditional origins and uses modern couture techniques. The beautifully designed wedding gowns with signature bodices are suitable for slim brides. This talented designer uses only the finest silks and embroideries to create romantic bridal gowns.

Kula Tsurdiu
Kula has a passion for the iconic era and you can clearly see this in her designs. Her gowns range from figure-hugging corsetry and hand-crafted lace to many other feministic styles. She also makes custom jewellery to complement her bridal gowns.

Charlotte Balbier
Charlotte is a third-generation designer who pays particular attention to contemporary fashion. Balbier is often referred to as the modern English Rose because of her exquisite lacework designs on bridal gowns. You can also find many elegant classic cuts and satins among her wedding dresses.

Charlie Brear
Charlie Brear’s wedding dresses have appeared in many famous magazines such as Vogue and worn by Kate Moss. With a blend of classic accents and Hollywood-style glamour, Charlie’s spectacular wedding dress designs ooze elegance and are the ones to watch out for in 2016.
If you are getting married this year, consider browsing through the catalogue of these top-rated UK wedding dress designers in order to choose your perfect gown.


Spring Wedding Dress Trends

Are you looking to celebrate your big day in the height of Spring? It’s a wonderful time of year, the days are becoming lighter, and everything around you is starting to wake from the dormant winter. It’s a fresh season, bringing with it blooms and butterflies, warmer air and sunshine. So, what styles of wedding gowns are on trend of Spring 2016?

A Nod Towards Spring…
An obvious choice to give a nod towards your spring wedding is to adorn yourself in a gown with a floral print; you could go in any direction with this option, bold and vibrant or subtle and delicate, it’s up to you. We all know the sweet sound of birdsong is one we hear during spring, so perhaps you could incorporate birds into your CocoMio wedding dress by adding some delicate plumage; you’ll look like a truly stunning bride with cascading soft feathers on the bodice or skirt of your gown. The warmer months of spring can bring in a more casual style of bride, feel free to try a cropped top look for your big day, you can still pull off looking elegant yet chic with this idea.

Something More Traditional…
The timeless and elegant fabric of lace will look stunning for a spring day, why not team numerous layers of the gorgeous material with a sexy plunge of a deep-v neckline. If you’re a traditional girl, team a satin gown with the classic Bateau neckline to keep it tasteful and elegant.

What About Colour…
The colours that surrounded the wedding runways for spring this year include subtle shades of blush, pinks and rose, which encompass the season perfectly. Also, take a peek at stonewashed shades such as shimmering silvers or gentle nudes.


Bridesmaid Ideas for 2016

The ability to be a bridesmaid in a wedding is one of the most memorable honours of your life. So, visual impressions will obviously make a massive difference; let’s take a look at some stunning fashion statements that should be embraced throughout 2016.

The Luxury of Lace

Lace had made a comeback during 2015 and this trend is only expected to continue this year. These delicate patterns exude a subtle hint of sensuality while still embracing class and luxury. Although lace was at one time thought to be the sole privilege of the bride, this entrancing accent can indeed be employed to create a bespoke appearance within the ensemble of any bridesmaid.

Semi-Transparent Necklines

Another notable innovation this year is the inclusion of what are known as illusion necklines. These options are great ways to offer a hint of sexuality while never exposing too much to the audience. Such a pattern is also ideal for those who have been hoping to accentuate the nape of the neck and the shoulder. These cuts should be especially prevalent during the warmer months of the year.

The Freedom of Choice

In the past, all bridesmaids were expected to wear similar bridesmaid dresses. While this mirrored a certain sense of uniformity, such a display could also be interpreted as rather bland. Those women who are looking to punctuate their appearance will be pleased to know that mix-and-match designs appear to be here to stay. From different gown lengths and cuts to unique accents within a specific design, such a freedom should be a welcome change during 2016.

The Power of the Pattern

Plain white, off-white and pastel dresses have always been popular when used for a wedding. While there is little doubt that such styles will remain, there has been a notable shift towards prints and floral patterns. These are excellent options for those who are looking to break up a solid colour in a fashionable and subtle way. Of course, floral patterns are perfectly suited for the warmer months of the year and even during autumn or winter, such whimsical prints can add a bit of classy spice to any wedding.

These are some of the most pronounced trends which are expected to dominate 2016. By keeping ahead of this ever-evolving curve, any bridesmaid will be able to make the most stunning choices when they are required the most.


Why Choose A Reclaimed Gold Wedding Ring?

Lots of fuss is always made about wedding rings, and rightfully so. They are an important symbol of love and unity between two people, and this symbol will most likely continue to be used for years and years to come. While some people are veritable jewelry aficionados, many are not, and so the idea of choosing a wedding ring can seem daunting, to say the least.

Gold is a popular choice for wedding rings as it provides a sense of classic luxury that many can appreciate. These days, lots of unfortunate stories have come to light about the precious metal industry, in terms of how these metals are sourced and what ethical issues may be at hand when purchasing them. So what’s a gold lover to do when they want a beautiful gold wedding ring on their finger, but also wants to make sure their jewelry is ethically sourced?

Enter Omi Gold – an online retailer that focuses on wedding rings that are crafted from reclaimed gold. No worries, there are no quality sacrifices when purchasing a recycled gold ring. Omi Gold’s rings are available in all the popular karatages as well as some not-so-common ones, such as 14kt, 18kt, and 20kt yellow, green, white, and rose golds.

So if you want the classic beauty of a gold ring, but none of the ethical issues, then check out Omi Gold today. The site is run by an industry veteran with years of experience that is dedicated to helping you find the perfect ring for your special day.

You can view their collection of gold rings here.


Prom Dresses for Wedding: A Low Cost Solution to Party Dresses

wedding dressesLow cost party dresses can nevertheless be elegant and appropriate for ceremonial events. It has been seen that manufacturers imitate the attires and gowns that they come across in fashion magazines, designer wear and the red carpet. But this does not suit to all as it is many times low quality. If you are looking for the perfect dress for an occasion, start searching for prom dresses for a wedding. Some prom dresses designers also offers individually designed dresses and even give ideas on style, fabrics and design to match your needs making it the perfect gown for the special evening.

You have to; first consider the kind of occasion to choose an appropriate dress. For wedding dresses, consider wearing an elegant dress. Formal occasion requires slim dresses. For any kind of occasion, Prom dresses are the best choice to get attention without out burning your pocket. If you are looking for a sassy dress that won’t drain cash and are at the same time are of good quality then it is advisable to look for prom dress for wedding at online stores such as These are not only available cheap but look elegant as you wear them.

Some prom dresses for wedding are of the highest quality and can be worn by you in a debutante ball, prom or a wedding event. Attractive club wear, party dresses can make you look very elegant as well as attractive and wearing one can mean that you save a lot the budget. These dresses are intended for women of all age groups and can be made to fit all sizes.


Tips for Marquee Christmas Parties – Plan Now, Love it Later

For those who just love everything about Christmas, it’s really never too early to begin planning things for next time around.  While some find themselves never wanting to see a turkey again by Boxing Day, others revel in the thought on exactly how they will outdo themselves once again next year.

Now more than ever, marquee hire in Bromley is becoming extraordinarily popular among those looking to put on the most fantastic Christmas parties imaginable.  Once something of an exclusive and inaccessible asset, competition and availability has opened up event marquee hire to the mainstream population like never before. And of course, it’s impossible to deny that the appeal of an outdoor marquee event – especially around Christmas – is both unique and irresistible

So specifically for the benefit of those already looking forward to next year’s big day, here’s a quick rundown of just a few essential considerations to ensure you get the very most out of your festive extravaganza in 2016:

1 – Book Ahead

First of all, it’s worth remembering that the sooner you make your reservation, the better.  Not only does booking ahead mean gaining access to the very best marquee hire deals available, but also the industry’s leading service providers.  It’s not uncommon for those are the very top of the table to find themselves booked up several months, even a couple of years in advance.  So if you’d prefer to do business with the best and make genuine savings in the process, booking ahead is the best way of going about things.

2 – Vet the Vendors

One of the key benefits of booking so far ahead of time is the way in which it gives you plenty of opportunity to vet the available vendors. The simple fact of the matter is that all marquee hire companies are most certainly not of the same standard and nor are the products they have available. Quite to the contrary in fact, which means it is worth investing sufficient time and effort in the process of checking out their reputation, their track record, their specialist area, feedback, portfolio and so on.

3 – Know What You Want

It’s important to remember that when it comes to these unique kinds of outdoor Christmas events, you effectively have complete and total freedom of choice across the board. You can craft your own event write down to the finest detail and have every little thing about it tailored to your exact specification. As such, it’s worth taking a little time to think about exactly what you want ahead of time, for the simple reason that you can be as picky and selective as you wish to be along the way. The sky’s the limit, so go for it!

4 – Consider Various Locations

You’ll also have near-total freedom of choice when it comes to location as well, so it’s worth considering the kinds of places that may not be immediately obvious. These days, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large expanse of open grassland in order for a marquee event to be suitable. From beaches to car parks to the most unusual shaped outdoor spaces imaginable, there’s almost nowhere an event marquee cannot be situated these days, so it’s worth getting creative.  If unsure, you can always ask your chosen service provider for a few tips.

5 – Before or After?

When it comes to availability and indeed getting the very best prices available, one of the most important points to ponder is that of exactly when the event should take place. Needless to say, the closer to the big day itself, the higher the demand and associated costs are likely to be. Likewise, weekends and bank holidays are always going to be more expensive than standard weekdays, so it’s more than worth considering all available options. Don’t necessarily fall into the assumption that an outstanding Christmas party simply must take place before the big day itself. After all, if it’s a party for people with an undying love for Christmas, why not give them a second dose a little later?

6 – Seek Recommendations

Last but not least, the beauty of planning ahead of time is the way in which it gives you ample opportunity to seek recommendations from others.  Even if you yourself do not personally know anyone with any relevant marquee hire experience, the web is simply bursting at the seams with reviews, testimonials, recommendations and indeed warnings with regard to the various providers the UK has to offer. So rather than taking the brand’s various promises at face value, you might as well verify they’re actually able to deliver on their word.


Marquee Event Catering – Six Simple Tips for Stacking Up the Savings

It’s often assumed that when considering marquee hire in South East London¸the biggest expense of all is the marquee itself. And in many cases this can indeed prove to be the case, though more often than not, marquee hardware has a tendency to be surprisingly affordable. By contrast however, when you are looking to put on an event for relatively large number of people and cater to their every whim, it is in fact the catering itself that can stack up the most surprising bill of all…and not in a good way.

The simple fact of the matter is that when you speak to a person who has recently attended an event, chances are the catering will be one of the first things they mention. If the catering was good, they will sing the praises of the event. If it was bad, they’ll probably find it difficult to find anything good to say whatsoever about the event in general – catering really is that influential.

So there’s really no way of getting away without catering, which means the best way of approaching things is with proactive savings in mind. So for those looking to organise and put on an event in the near future, here’s a quick look at six simple tips for making real savings on marquee event catering costs:

1 – Book Well Ahead
First and foremost, not only do the very best catering companies on the market get booked up quite a long way in advance, but all the best deals are always snared ahead of time. It’s the same with pretty much everything – the later you leave it, the less freedom of choice you’ll have and ultimately the more you’ll end up paying. It might sound somewhat risky to book many months, perhaps even years in advance, but just as long as there is a good degree of flexibility agreed, there doesn’t need to necessarily be any risk involved. And the further ahead you book, the bigger the savings you stand to make as a result.

2 – Keep it Simple

Try to remember that fantastic catering for any given event does not have to be in any way complicated or over the top.  Quite to the contrary in fact, the most successful and memorable catering usually tends to be the type that is relatively simple and therefore enjoyed by everyone. The more complicated you make things, the more it becomes inevitable that some guests simply will not ‘get’ what it is you’re trying to do. There’s a time and a place for fine dining and endless alcohol of course, but when it comes to making real savings, simplicity really is the primary item on the menu.

3 – Avoid Mealtimes

It’s often something you may have no direct control over, but if at all possible, it can be a good idea to ensure that your event doesn’t necessarily tie in with any mealtimes. For example, if you were to host an event between the hours of 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM, you would pretty much have no choice other than to provide everyone in attendance with plenty of food – a full meal, no doubt.  By contrast, if the event was set to take place between 7:00 PM and midnight, it’s more likely that guests will choose to eat before they attend the event and you will therefore get away with putting on snacks, rather than full dinners.

4 – Shop Around

Never forget that with such incredible competition on the market these days, it’s always worthwhile checking out a few catering companies and having them battle it out to offer you the lowest possible price.  This is especially the case for those who choose to book in advance as with so many providers available to you, chances are you’ll be able to find a fantastic deal if you try.

5 – Ask the Experts

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, never forget that to work with a fantastic catering company is to also gain access to comprehensive information on all aspects of the subject.  So rather than just worrying about how exactly you can go about making savings, you could always just ask those you intend to work with directly.

6 – Do It Yourself!

Last but not least, try to remember that one of the best things about marquee hire in the first place is the you are not necessarily tied up to any catering company, or even professional catering at all. As such, you effectively have every opportunity to take care of the catering yourself should you choose to do so, which may involve quite a lot of time and effort but will at least ensure that things are done exactly as you want them to be and within your specified budget.