Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings by Ziva Jewels

Sapphires make vivacious engagement rings. Most popular of all precious colored gemstones, sapphires are fashionable and unique in the way they personalize a bride’s wedding ring. Sapphire engagement rings are available for all tastes and budgets and no matter what type of setting or cut for the center diamond that you desire.

Although sapphires are extremely bold in contrast to diamonds, when combined they produce a powerful effect. They make timeless pieces of jewelry, the styles you might see on royalty or celebrities but at reasonable prices.


Ziva Jewels produces high-quality sapphire accent engagement rings which are very different than ones you might find at a local jewelry store. Use of exceptional hand selected gemstones, guarantee you get a top-notch quality product every time.

For distinctive designs, superb quality craftsmanship and exceptional value consider sapphire bridal rings made by Ziva Jewels. Each style makes a stunning impact. Whether it’s a three- stone, halo, or a diamond with sapphire side stones ring.



Find the Perfect Gemstone Wedding Ring or Band

With the end of the winter season finally on the horizon, you know wedding season is just around the corner. There will, without a doubt, be a flurry of engagements being fulfilled this spring, summer and fall. And while many future husbands fretted over choosing the right engagement ring, probably mulling over it for months, choosing the right wedding band might be a simple afterthought. But consider this; that wedding band will be a piece of jewelry that will be worn a lifetime, so it does need to be perfect indeed. So we urge you to put as much effort into discovering the perfect gemstone wedding ring or band as you did shopping the engagement ring.

With the sheer volume of wedding rings and bands out there, shopping the right one might seem somewhat overwhelming. You have traditional choices, like our Cameo Band, or you can be more contemporary and choose something like our Radiant Band. Each perfect in their own special ways.

While it is nice to have a wedding band that complements the engagement ring, don’t lose any sleep if they are not perfectly matched. You must realize they are two separate rings that represent two different life events, so it is fine if you can see the distinction.

It is also important to consider how the wedding band will sit with the engagement ring. We recommend you discover a wedding band that is similar in width to the engagement ring so that though they are different, one does not dominate the finger.

These are just a few thoughts to take into consideration when choosing the perfect wedding band. Pay us a visit again  and we will offer even more tips on choosing the right wedding band.

Please visit www.azeera.com to find the perfect wedding rings and fully customize them to make them yours.



Why Choose A Reclaimed Gold Wedding Ring?

Lots of fuss is always made about wedding rings, and rightfully so. They are an important symbol of love and unity between two people, and this symbol will most likely continue to be used for years and years to come. While some people are veritable jewelry aficionados, many are not, and so the idea of choosing a wedding ring can seem daunting, to say the least.

Gold is a popular choice for wedding rings as it provides a sense of classic luxury that many can appreciate. These days, lots of unfortunate stories have come to light about the precious metal industry, in terms of how these metals are sourced and what ethical issues may be at hand when purchasing them. So what’s a gold lover to do when they want a beautiful gold wedding ring on their finger, but also wants to make sure their jewelry is ethically sourced?

Enter Omi Gold – an online retailer that focuses on wedding rings that are crafted from reclaimed gold. No worries, there are no quality sacrifices when purchasing a recycled gold ring. Omi Gold’s rings are available in all the popular karatages as well as some not-so-common ones, such as 14kt, 18kt, and 20kt yellow, green, white, and rose golds.

So if you want the classic beauty of a gold ring, but none of the ethical issues, then check out Omi Gold today. The site is run by an industry veteran with years of experience that is dedicated to helping you find the perfect ring for your special day.

You can view their collection of gold rings here.


Engagement ring shopping in Dallas

Diamond Exchange Dallas for Engagement Rings in Dallas

Are you looking for the best place to go for engagement rings Dallas? If so, you have to check out this awesome jewelry store called Diamond Exchange Dallas.

Diamond Exchange Dallas is a wholesale diamond dealer that offers the very best prices on diamonds and engagement rings. At the Diamond Exchange they physically cut loose diamonds on site and they sell direct to the public! You will not have to pay ridiculous retail jewelry store markups when you shop for engagement rings
at Diamond Exchange Dallas.

Why Diamond Exchange Dallas for engagement rings?

You will eliminate all middlemen and get the diamonds directly from the diamond cutter. They have an enormous selection of gold and platinum settings to choose from. They have an endless selection of wholesale loose diamonds to choose from. Diamond Exchange Dallas is becoming very popular as they have the best prices on diamond jewelry. When you visit their engagement ring store they will make you feel very welcome and will try to stay within your budget to get you the best diamond ring possible. Engagement ring shopping can be a very stressful time but the experts at Diamond Exchange Dallas will be there to help with all of your concerns and questions. You will be in great hands with their professional and courteous staff when looking for Dallas engagement rings.

Here is a YouTube video that shows some of their engagement rings:


Looking for a great engagement, shower or wedding gift?

It’s wedding season! Looking for the perfect engagement, shower or wedding gift? Check out totDOT, “The Original Family Planning Indicator.” This is a great way to keep your friends and family apprised of your baby status without having to say a word.   totDOT’s colored beads or “DOTs” reflect where you are in your family planning, to express whether you want a tot, or not. Each box set comes with either a pendant, bracelet charm or purse clip, and includes all six “DOTs.” By wearing the purple DOT, engaged women and newly weds will not have to continuously answer when they are going to have a baby. They can tell their loved ones they want kids “one day” and to look out for the yellow DOT. By wearing the yellow DOT, it will let their anxious loved ones know that they are not Logo_updated_IPyet pregnant, but they are trying. Then when they are expecting, they will wear the green DOT to convey: a baby is on the way! There are also pink and blue DOTs, for a fun gender reveal. If, however, children or more children are not in the family planning game plan, just wear the “crystal DOT” to show you are happy with life as you know it.

Having a baby can be a very exciting time, but at times a very emotional and exhausting one as well. totDOT is perfect for all family planning situations: joyous or difficult. It can prevent unwanted inquiries, avoid awkward situations, or share your good news! totDOTs are available online at: www.totDOTshop.com. Happy shopping!


Wedding Rings and Weight Gain – A Constant Battle

Colston and Andrea are a typical Toronto couple who were married 10 years and 20 pounds ago. When they picked out wedding rings at EngagedDiamonds.com, the rings were sized according to their ring fingers at the time of their marriage. Little did they know that the weight gain married couples face in the years after marriage would show up everywhere – including their fingers. Ten years later they found their rings were getting a little tight. So what did they do? They stopped wearing them.

This is a pretty common scenario that jewelers run into all the time. The good news is that weight gain does not need to prevent you from wearing your wedding rings if these are made of gold or silver. A competent jeweler can easily resize both types of rings. There are two ways to do it:

Stretching – The first way to increase the size of a gold or silver ring is to just stretch it. Obviously, stretching results in a thinner band with every size you increase. A band that is sized up multiple times can eventually crack or be thin enough to start cutting your skin. You have to be careful with this.

Cutting – Another means of resizing silver and gold is to actually cut the band and then add more material before rejoining the two ends. The advantage of this method is that the ring can be resized multiple times, without making it any thinner. The downside is that it costs more than stretching.

Resizing wedding bands is for soft metals only. If you should choose titanium or stainless steel for example, resizing will not be an option. This is why jewelers typically recommend men go slightly larger on their titanium bands in anticipation of them gaining weight after marriage.

1855largeLosing Weight

You may be someone who actually loses weight after marriage rather than gaining. Moreover, just as you can gain weight in your fingers, you can lose it as well. Then what do you do? Losing enough weight could cause your rings to fall off every time you move. It is a recipe for disaster, especially for those who work with their hands. If your rings are gold or silver, have them resized.

Since titanium and stainless steel cannot be resized, the only option is to purchase ring sizers. What are ring sizers? These are small pieces of rubber or plastic tubing with a slit that allows them to be slipped around your wedding band. A sizer takes up that extra space between the band and your finger, allowing your rings to stay in place.

Avoid the Questions

Now that we have discussed weight loss and gain, you might be wondering why you should go to the bother to have your rings resized. There are a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important is to avoid the uncomfortable questions about your marriage relationship. Think of it this way: how would your friends react after noticing you had not worn your wedding ring for six months? In all likelihood, they would begin to wonder if your relationship was in trouble.

Your wedding ring is that outward symbol that you and your spouse are still together. By having your wedding rings resized, you put questions about your relationship to rest before they even arise. You will be able to proudly exclaim that you are still happily married regardless of whether you gain or lose weight.


Tips for shopping for an engagement ring

Choosing engagement rings can be difficult. It’s a ring you’ll end up wearing for the rest of your life. It symbolizes love, affection and a lifelong relationship with your partner.

You should take your time while choosing diamond engagement rings. Find one that fits your style – something you can truly love. Most importantly, be sure to find one you can afford within your budget. There are quite a few different styles available to choose from. Even 100% custom made rings can be made specifically for you, although these can sky rocket in price to $10,000 or more.

If shopping online, be sure to order the correct ring size. Making a small mistake of ordering the wrong ring size will obviously cause issues with your order. Ring sizes are standard. It’s not like comparing to different types of shirts labeled as medium, but they fit differently. A size 7 ring compared to another size 7 ring should fit the same.

The average diamond color grade of H and I will give you a near colorless diamond and an average clarity of SI2 will give you slight imperfections – a diamond that sparkles brilliantly.

Most buyers of engagement rings do fall into this category of color and  clarity. Please understand that a 1 carat, flawless diamond is valued and sold for well over $100,000. And that’s simply the diamond by itself. If you have the money or the credit, by all means, do what your heart desires and go flawless.

Sterling Silver’s Jewelry offers a variety of 100% authentic, high valued engagement rings for all budgets at the guaranteed lowest prices we can offer them for. We also offer a full-line of silver, gemstone, gold, diamond and other jewelry pieces – bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, toe rings, anklets, bangles and more.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Guardian Angels

somethingbluehankysetA few years ago when my daughter was getting married, she wanted something special for her something blue. She wanted a guardian angel pin to watch over her so I incorporated the two ideas into a special something blue angel pin for her to wear on her special day. something_blue_angel_pinShe pinned it onto the ribbon of her bouquet. Guardian angel pins can also be pinned on the bride’s gown. Other brides have pinned it to a handkerchief that they carry. We then decided to make a something blue wedding hanky set with a poem. We thought there might be other brides looking for something different than the traditional blue garter to wear on their wedding day. So we created two different sets for brides to choose from. One set comes with a poem card and a something blue angel pin along with a royal blue velveteen gift bag. This is the perfect set to give to a bride who perhaps already has a special handkerchief to carry on her special day. Nestled in the wings of each angel is a heart with three sapphire blue Austrian crystals. The second set I created comes with a beautiful poem card, angel pin, and your choice of handkerchiefs. Either on of these sets make a thoughtful gift for a bride. Visit https://www.angeldesignsbydenise.com/angel-blog/ to see the different design and order yours today



Find The Perfect Antique Diamond Ring For A Special Proposal

Deciding to propose to your partner is a special moment in your life and can require thought and planning in order to create that perfect moment to remember for a lifetime. Many aspects will fall together naturally, however one thing which requires thought and perfection is the ring you choose to pull out at this special moment in your life. Although it is unlikely that the ring will hinder your partners answer, choosing something they will love and cherish for a lifetime should be important to you and shows how much thought has gone into the process. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful diamond ring as it is the most highly prized of all gems, however there are things which must be considered in order to find “the one”.

So why are diamonds such a popular choice for engagement rings? Diamonds are said to symbolise purity, love, commitment and fidelity in relationships through the clarity of the crystal and pure white light of the diamonds. Antique engagement rings have also become increasingly popular over recent years due to their romantic history and beautiful aesthetics, so a combination of the two is an engagement ring to be proud of. It is important to look out for the 4 c’s when looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring – carat weight, clarity, colour and cut. Not only do these affect the price of the ring but also it’s aesthetic, so it is important to have an idea of what you are looking for before you go shopping for the ring. A clear white diamond is what might initially come to mind, however coloured diamonds are also formed naturally and can look just as beautiful.

The style of an antique engagement ring is highly important and it is crucial to have a good idea of what your partner will like. There are many eras of antique engagement rings to choose from and whether your partner likes subtle or statement pieces, the perfect ring is out there for everyone. We found a fantastic rang over at www.antiqueringsonline.co.uk and encourage you to go and take a look at the huge range of different styles on offer, if only to give you an idea as to what’s available. If your partner loves feminine romantic styles then look into buying a victorian piece, however if you are looking for something a bit more unusual then an art deco ring may the one to go for. Choosing the style of the ring is definitely the daunting part and can be a difficult decision to make, especially if your partner isn’t a big jewellery wearer. There are however people you can ask to help you. Help is always welcomed when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, and your partners friends and relatives may have a slightly better idea of what to look for.

Style is by far the most important aspect of the ring as it is something your partner will wear for a lifetime. With the chosen style in mind, other decisions will become easy such as how much you are willing to spend and you can shop around for the perfect ring for that special person in your life. Proposals aren’t as straight forward as they may initially seem unless it is a spontaneous moment without planning, however careful considerations will create a moment of a lifetime you will be proud of. So get searching for the perfect antique diamond engagement ring today and plan the perfect proposal.


Deciding on Wedding Jewelry – Are You Doing It Right?

From the engagement ring to wedding-day accessories, jewelry is an important decision from start to finish. Many brides (and grooms) feel the pain of choosing from such a wide variety of available accessories for the proposal and beyond. This task can be made a bit easier with the tips below.

Use Jewelry From Someone Special

Borrowing jewelry from a loved one (mom, grandmother, friend, etc) has 2 benefits: it doesn’t cost anything AND has added sentimental value. Wearing a family heirloom can be special on your wedding day, but be careful – sometimes you overlook fashion and style in the name of loyalty. So keep that in mind, but don’t hesitate to use this route when planning your wedding!

Wear Jewelry That Compliments YOU

More important than any other considering, choose accessories that work with you and your dress of choice. You don’t necessarily want your accessories to steal the show; rather, they should add value to everything else you are wearing. An example of this are large dangling earrings may work well when your hair is up, but may not function well when your locks are long and flowing. Another example is if you have a basic neckline on your dress, you can spice it up with an appropriate necklace. On the other hand, if your neckline has an appeal by itself, you may want to forgo the necklace.

Don’t Over Think It

The best advice on wedding jewelry is to trust your instincts and follow your heart – after all, your heart would never lie to you! It is easy to overcomplicate the entire process and lose sight on what is truly important to you. With so many options available to you on such an important day, it is easy to feel like you are drowning in choices. Keep a healthy balance between what you love and what you can afford (hey, we have to be realistic!) and don’t second guess your choices. If it makes your heart sing, listen!