Danger Signs on Wedding Photography You Need to Know About

Danger Signs on Wedding Photography You Need to Know About

Not all weddings happen in ideal environments. They are a LOT of work! Wedding shoots don’t often need a speedy turn-around time. 1 thing I’ve done at each wedding I’ve photographed is attempt to photograph everyone who’s in attendance in the 1 shot. As an example, if you’re throwing a beach wedding, it is reasonable come across a photographer who’s proficient at outdoor photography.

The Chronicles of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography may be true challenge, even for people who are already doing it professionally, since it involves almost every sort of photography. Consider us for your wedding photography, you’re going to be happy you did. The expression contemporary wedding photography is used to refer to wedding photography that isn’t of a conventional nature.

Check out this expert portrait /wedding photographer.

With the coming of the Nikon D5 it’s now feasible to capture images in rather low light, without the usage of a flash. If you want to spend under $2,000 you’re gambling your wedding photos. It can on occasion be simple to neglect to photograph these or the schedule may not permit it. Below you’ll find photos from our trip and a few of our favorite things to do in Ouray, together with additional info and resources if you’re arranging a visit.

Most photographers permit clients to buy extra prints for themselves or their families. Great photographers are expensive and they’re in high demand. More advanced photographers may discover redundant or already well-known info in this book (like exposure, shutter speed, lighting), but there might also be two or three morsels that are new. You are searching for the ideal wedding photographer to fit your preferred style. A relaxed wedding photographer leads to a cozy experience for everybody before the camera. Being a real wedding photographer is a lot more than simply taking great photographs. Getting to be aware of the wedding photographers in your community may be an outstanding way to make friends.

A professional photographer will permit your day to have the simplicity and personal touch of people who are intimately acquainted with weddings, just with the professional, modern, and enjoyable edge which our artistic photography creates. Each and every photographer is going to have different workflow, since everybody has a distinctive means of conducting business! It is possible to find cheaper photographers outside Toronto downtown core where rents are prohibitive.

Don’t forget, it’s those small behind-the-scenes moments that make a number of the ideal wedding photos. It may be the very first time they’ve been in a position to speak to each other all day. Get complete payment for the wedding at this time, and therefore you don’t need to address it on the day of. The unfortunate thing about your huge day is the fact that it is, well, just one day.

With a wedding photographer in Orange County means you could make the most of the tiny locations that truly show off the beauty and distinctive textures that Orange County offers. You receive the occasion to observe things from another photographer’s perspective. Consider what you’re doing. There isn’t any correct or wrong means to do a wedding. There’s not many different places in the whole state at which you will get a better wedding experience.


Why You Should Book a Stretch Limo for Your Wedding

This is a quick blog post for the grooms.

Wedding bells are not far off and the weather is superb, but the pressure is starting to mount!
So much to organize, so many little details to attend to and so many relationships to manage – wow, can’t we just elope?

You haven’t yet decided on the transportation. Will it be a Hummer stretch Limo, or maybe a white Lincoln stretch limo, or are you going to lean on family and get all of those with fancy cars to pitch in on the day?

After much debate, a few bristled moments, and a  scotch or two, the debate is still raging and you’re no closer to making a call, so reaching for a piece of paper to jot down options, the pro’s and con’s start to look something like this:

Hire in a Limo:

  • Stylish and elegant – it’s your special day!
  • Safe and secure
  • Assured of no drunk driving problems
  • Each of the wedding parties can fit comfortably into one limo – not a string of odd cars toting white ribbon, in an attempt to capture the occasion!
  • Limos can be matched for Bride and Groom parties, or have a theme or clever contradiction!
  • If you go private, who gets to do the driving and who gets excluded

No, we’re doing it privately:

  • Lower cost!
  • You can include more of the family in the process – but is that actually an upside?
  • It’s a little more personal – for you or for the additional guys that make the cut?

Well that settles that, why didn’t we just do a list in the first place?
Decision made, you’re going upscale and hiring a limo company. But what kind of limo are you looking for to transport the bridal party and what about the groom and his wingmen?

There is always the classic flashy black stretch car, but it’s a wedding not an embassy cocktail function, so may be something a little less official!

Certainly something white for the Bridal party, maybe the white Lincoln stretch limo, but what about the guys? How about a Hummer stretch limo, for a bit of bad boy appeal – last chance after all! I’m not sure you’ll get the Hummer stretch limo past the boss, but it’s worth a shot!

Before you finally commit to a white Hummer limo rental for your wedding limo in nj, or a white Lincoln stretch limo, or whichever combination you settle on, you need to make sure that you have ample room in the vehicles to comfortably transport the wedding party and the dress!

Starting to feel really bubbly about this and why not, the limo ride is going to add so much more to your wedding day! It’s an event, not just transport!

It’s going to be a blast, have fun and congratulations!


Wedding Photographers Know the Best Places to Get Married in Singapore

So, you are getting married. Where do you start, there are so many decisions to make, from who will be in the wedding party, the overall style of the ceremony and of course, what you will wear. One of the first and most important decisions you will make as you plan your ceremony is WHERE? Singapore has so many beautiful options, how will you know where to start looking. Why not ask your wedding photographer? There is no doubt that your photographer will play an extremely important role in your wedding. It is their job to capture those once in a lifetime moments from the days and even the weeks leading up to the wedding. The great thing is that it is highly likely that they have done many weddings and seen some of the most gorgeous locations Singapore has to offer.

Wedding photographers have experienced a lot of weddings, set in a lot of places, and because of this have an insight to location that may be invaluable to you. Perhaps you have planned the perfect shots that you want for your wedding. Letting them help you with choosing a location ensures that you get the exact pictures and backdrop for your photo that you have in mind.

Why would you not use every tool available to you to ensure that your wedding day is the wonderful, romantic day that you have planned? You do not have to take chances when all you have to do is ask your wedding photographer about the best places to get married in Singapore, and honestly, they will most likely be honoured that you asked for their expertise in one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding. After you know that you will be getting married, choose the best photographer and ask them, because wedding photographers know the best places to get married in Singapore.

Contact cheap wedding photography and visit them today. It will be your best decision ever for your wedding day.


Wedding Planning Tips : Wedding Budgets

Wedding Planning Tips : Wedding Budgets

Hi, one of the most important things you’ll ever do in planning your wedding is coming up with a budget. Today we’re going to talk to you about your budget. This is one of the most important things you’ll need to plan out and one of the hardest. Depending on who’s going to help pay for that wedding, it’s really important to sit down with paper and a pen, before you even go to the parents.

Having a good wedding planner and coordinator can also help you plan your budget.

From the lowest budget to the sky’s the limit budget. You have to be exact, you have to find out what’s the most important thing to you and put that money toward that vendor.

There’s always short cuts to take that you can do for example, your flowers. If flowers are real important to you, you can stagger them. Have every other table with your flowers and then bring in candles and things like that. There’s always things that you can fill in. And don’t stress over that budget. It’s workable. Most brides say, “I don’t have this huge budget so I know my wedding’s not going to be nice.” That doesn’t have to be true at all. The key is to be honest with yourself, talk to your fiancé, talk to your parents, get a good number and stick with it.

Another tip is to come up with the top three things that are most important to you. Whether it’s the flowers, the music, the facility or your dress. If you plan accordingly and use your budget wisely you can accomplish almost anything on your big wedding day. For more information wedding planning you can find it here.


Professional Wedding Caterers: Get Best Service for your wedding

Professional Wedding Caterers: Get Best Service for your wedding

The wedding is one of the biggest occasions in everyone’s life. It’s a ceremony which unites the two lovers and their family and permits the two to spend their beautiful life together. Wedding is obviously a big day for the couple, so they make sure everything in the party goes smoothly and perfectly. If you are planning your wedding party then hiring professional caterers can be extremely beneficial. As wedding party includes many things, having some extra helping hands becomes mandatory. The professional caterers can do more than just cooking food. These people are extremely helpful in organizing and managing the party. Following are some important benefits offered by professional wedding caterers Malaysia.

Offer great food and drink


Food is the heart of every party. All your decorations, other preparations will go waste if the food is not good. Food is the only thing which can really impress your guests. The professional catering services make sure they deliver great food to your guest. They not only serve the food of your choice but also take the responsibility of all the food preparations. When you organize a party, you have to consider many things such as the location of the party and the permissions given at the venue. The professional caterers take care of all these things.

Presentation and decorations


Today presenting the thing in a right way has become extremely mandatory. Well-presented food and drinks put an extra impression on your guests. The professional catering services make sure the food is well presented on the table, and proper hygiene is maintained. This will make your food look lovely and also increase the excitement in the guests to have it. The dishes and other cutlery offered by professional caterers is of high quality and also enhances the food’s look. Wedding caterers Malaysia can make sure they display a well-organized buffet which will have the complete menu.


Experience is one of the most important factors in any business. This helps you to deliver better service to your clients. The professional catering services are very experienced in their field. The wedding is a ceremony full of certain and uncertain situations. You have to keep yourself prepared for every kind of situation. The professional caterers know really well how to tackle with such situations. These people are equipped with well-experienced staff members which help them handle any kind of situation in a better way.

Great quality at unbeatable prices

The quality of services is extremely important in the case of wedding related services especially in the case of food as it’s a matter of your guest’s health. Professional wedding caterers Malaysia make sure that they offer you a food and drinks with good quality and also will not compromise your guest’s safety. Besides all these things one thing one must consider is the budget. As everything stops at the money you must consider their budget. The professional wedding services offer you their services which fit your budget. This will let you have a great party without putting a much big dent in your pocket.



5 Top Tips for Choosing a Winter Wedding Venue

5 Top Tips for Choosing a Winter Wedding Venue

Choosing a winter wedding venue will involve thinking about a number of issues those who opt to wed in summer will not have to consider. Here are those issues and how to factor them into your search to ensure you choose the right winter wedding venue.


Choosing to have your wedding in winter will somewhat reduce your choice of venues, or should. Uunheatable spaces are all instantly out of the question – and as for why, the answer should be obvious; choosing an unheated, outdoor or poorly insulated venue for a wedding held between November and February isn’t just a bad idea, it is one which could spell disaster for your big day for a number of reasons:

  • A venue devoid of heat will result in a frosty atmosphere as you and your guests will be too preoccupied feeling cold to enjoy the day.
  • A cold venue will result in guests leaving early as the lack of heat becomes unbearable, especially as temperatures tend to drop later in the day and as night draws in.
  • Low temperatures can exacerbate a number of health problems, illnesses and conditions which might affect some of your guests and potentially jeopardise their health and wellbeing
  • Some guests might even refuse to attend if their concerns over heating can’t be satisfied or answered, or it becomes clear a venue is likely to lack adequate heating

Hence, to avoid the above issues, you will need to carefully tailor your search for a venue when getting hitched in the winter season, and this will necessarily rule out a number of venues.

This needn’t be a reason to get cold feet over throwing a winter wedding though; in fact, having the season tailor your search for you can make an otherwise overwhelming search for the perfect venue far more manageable and easy. So, before giving up on the idea of getting hitched in winter, give the following tips a read to learn how to turn realise your hopes of a winter wonderland wedding.


Considering location for a winter wedding, it is paramount to conduct your search during winter the year ahead. If you conduct a search in summer, you will have no real idea what the venue will look like on a winter morning or evening or if it will be as awe-inspiring on a literally rainy, snowing or frosty day. Reiterated, almost any venue, dappled in sunlight and warmth in summer is easy to fall in love with. Meanwhile, neither warmth nor a sizzling sun are likely to attend a wedding held in December. Hence, visit venues the winter ahead of getting wed at the very latest – and whilst visiting, remember to notice whether outside areas are being well maintained. Further, directly ask whether outside areas and paths will be salted / gritted or otherwise made safe for guests to use, especially as it is likely a number of guests will be arriving in towering heels and perhaps enjoying a warming tipple or two before leaving again and it is all too easy for ground frost to turn become compacted and slippery.

Location is also important to think carefully about because how far from your home and where your guests live will need taking into consideration. That is, If travelling far, remember to de-ice cars in the morning and check weather reports the night before; if there has been snow fall, heavy rain or ice this could all affect your journey to a venue. Roads could be closed off, snowed in and conditions such as icy roads could increase your journey time as you and your guests might need to reduce your speeds, or even device a new route at short notice. For these reasons, classic car hire companies might also be unable to provide transport during winter months as low temperatures can adversely affect the mechanics of older cars and reduce the distances they can travel reliably.

Finally, do not assume all your guests will be able to stay in accommodation to prevent having to travel to a venue on the morning of a wedding or commit to an overnight stay; guests might have pets to return to, children to consider, health reasons for returning home or simply not be in a financial position to afford staying away from home for a night or more.

Choosing a Traditional Winter Venue

A traditional venue for a winter wedding is the most popular option here in Britain; many couples enjoy the cosiness and comfort provided by a warm country house hotel situated in a rural location and surrounded by outstanding natural beauty. Hence, even in the winter season, the country hotels provided by Lake District Hotels, for example, provide popular and ideal options. Then, it is useful to give the Lake District Country Hotel’s website a visit to see what they advise and offer couples planning a winter wedding.

Suffice to say, at the very least, it is worth looking for a hotel, country house or combined venue which is sizable as it is likely you will be spending much of your wedding day indoors and as such it is important to ensure the venue feels cosy rather than cramped.

Further, because a traditional venue is likely to occupy a period property and might as such offer less scope to get creative with lighting and natural light will be reduced during winter, it is worth searching for venues which provide open fire places. Not only will an open fire place provide light, it will also help to create and furnish a winter reception with warmth and atmosphere.

Modern Winter Venues

Because during winter there is far less natural light and the days are shorter, then the darkness can provide exciting and unique opportunities to get creative with lighting and this is extremely true when considering a modern venue as the specific architecture and features used to create and built many modern venues champion light and are far more adaptable.

Then, to find a modern or contemporary wedding venue sure to wow in winter, search for a venue which features heavy use of windows and even entire glass frontages and walls as the contrast this will create between the light contained within them set against the lack of it outside will prove aesthetically stunning and literally light up and illuminate your reception. Two great options sure which prove and show what can be achieved (and what to look for in a modern and contemporary winter venue) are The Boat House at Ashton Marina and The Leicester Mariette Hotel, which you can learn more about via the Confetti website.

Both featuring a good deal of glass and making some fantastic use of design and lighting, these two entirely different options don’t only prove popular and stunning winter wedding venues, but those choosing to wed at either venue during the winter season can expect to make significant savings over holding their wedding and / or reception during the far more popular and sought after summer months. Comparing these very different winter wedding venues is also eye opening in that it shows that getting wed in winter is not only possible but that doing so can open up rather than reduce your chances of throwing a truly magical big day.

Catering and Decorating

When planning a winter wedding and looking for the perfect venue, there are two major and additional considerations you will want to give special thought. Firstly, catering for a winter wedding will in most cases involve opting to go for a sit down meal rather than offering a buffet option for guests. Quite simply, winter means gusts will expect a hot meal rather than a choice of nibbles, salads and cold food. Consequently, it is worth narrowing your search down to venues that are able to cater for and provide hot meals.

Secondly, decorating a venue will need to be considered. Some venues have specific rules about the sorts of decorations, lights and extras they permit couples to use within their premises. For example, some venues prohibit the use of candles – usually for safety reasons. Meanwhile, other venues might be able to help you to decorate the venue, drawing upon ideas of their previous couples. Hence, when visiting a venue this is an issue you will want to discuss before you start to visualise what might be possible and in fact in order to begin visually how a space of venue could be turned into your dream winter wedding wonderland.

Meanwhile, for some inspiration as to winter wedding themes to get you inspired and help you in your search, give the 100 Ideas for a winter wedding Slideshow featured on the Bridal Guide website a browse.


Wedding Consultant vs Wedding Planner

Wedding Consultant vs Wedding Planner

Many people believe that wedding planners and wedding coordinators are the same thing. Truthfully, they are not. While both help the couple to achieve the wedding of their dreams, their tasks are different. Here are some of the differences between the two.

A wedding planner is someone who will aid the couple in planning and organizing the entire wedding. Upon meeting the couple, the planner with have a consultation with them to understand their vision, this means very specific points such as themes, guest count, bridal party, but most of all it’s also to get acquainted with the couple. Most planners meet the couple at least a year in advance and will continually work with the couple until only a few day before the couple’s big day. Planners must get to know the couple before they can help make any decision for them. She will make phone calls to vendors and help to set up appointments as well. A wedding planner must also help the couple financially manage their wedding and not go over budget. Once the main points are discussed, the planner, along with the couple will make the plans for the wedding day and go the logistics and also make any last minute revisions needed for the day.

A wedding coordinator is a bit different. She is the person who will be there the day of to make sure everything goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It is a high possibility that she has not met the couple and will only be introduced to them the day of. Their main tasks are to look after the guests, execute all the details the couple has planned, and troubleshoot in case any issue arises. This doesn’t mean that a wedding coordinator’s job isn’t important, in fact it’s essential for her to be there to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and to make sure the couple has a stress free wedding day. Another big different between a plan and a coordinator, is the time difference. The coordinator will only be and work with the couple the day of the wedding as opposed to planning with them an entire year like a planner would.

While both are different, they are both important to making a couple’s wedding day come true. Depending on which is your preference, you can decide which profession is better for you. If you enjoy the planning process then a planner would be the best choice for you or if you prefer to execute the tasks given to you without having to worry about planning anything, then a wedding coordinator would be a better choice for you.

For more information


The Best Universal Wedding Registry- MyRegistry.com

The Best Universal Wedding Registry- MyRegistry.com


Wedding planning has gone digital for years now to make everything so easy and convenient for brides, and so have wedding registries. If you are looking for a simple and beautiful solution to putting your gift registry together we have the perfect suggestion for you.

MyRegistry.com is a universal gift registry. That means that you can put items together on to one gift list from many different stores and share all of these items at one time with your guests. It is simple for you and for your guests. If you have already created registries at one of the large retailers, then you can quickly and easily sync that registry to your MyRegistry account. It is as easy as a click of a button.

If you are you a true hipster bride and looking for more unique items, then drag the Add to Registry button to your browser bar and now you can select any item from any store in the world. Chose gifts from small boutiques, one of a kind websites, or even use the button to add travel or experiences to your gift list.

For those of you that have it all and don’t want any more “stuff”, create a cash gift fund for the charities that you are interested in, or use their cash gift funds to register for a big ticket gift item or to help pay for your honeymoon.

You can do all of these things and more with a gift registry at MyRegistry.com. Best yet, your registry never expires, so you can use it for after the wedding for a housewarming party, or for Christmas.


Wedding Albums – Who needs one in today’s digital world?

Wedding Albums – Who needs one in today’s digital world?


Photographers generally deliver you a DVD or a memory stick that has all of the photos that they took.  There are usually hundreds or even thousands of them.

Would you bring out your iPad with a guest at your house to flip through hundreds of photos from your wedding day?  I think not.

Even in today’s digital world the better option would be to have a real wedding album made.  You can leave the album on your coffee table and your guests will not be able to resist the temptation of opening it.

A photographer may take great photos, but they likely cannot design a wedding album as well as a professional wedding album design company.  Photographers take photos.  Wedding album designers design albums.

One of the best wedding album design companies is Wedding Album Studio.

After you place your order you just upload your images using a shared Dropbox Folder.  Their designer ask you a few questions and get stared on your design right away.

After a few days, an online slideshow of your wedding album will be sent to you to review and provide your feedback.

After you make your revision requests you simply click the “submit” button and your designer will get to work on your revisions.

Within a few days you will receive a revised slideshow.

The objective it two-fold:  Take the stress out of the wedding album design process and get an incredible wedding album at a great price.

Contact the folks at Wedding Album Studio.    You will not regret it!

Your wedding album will be incredible.  Your friends will love it!  You will love it!  The magic of your wedding day will be relived over and over again.


The Outdoor Wedding of Dreams

The Outdoor Wedding of Dreams



As a young girl, I have always wanted an outdoor wedding. I would scour social media for cute outdoor wedding ideas. When the time finally came for my husband and I to get married, I knew I wanted it to be an outdoor wedding in one of Michigan’s lovely parks.

Willow Metro Park was the chosen park because it was right next to a beautiful lake. The roses were ordered and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen got their own roses to hold. The only problem was the tent people required us to end the event at around 7pm; meaning we had to start the wedding around 3pm. At the beginning, it was thought to be a disaster! However, I later realized it was for the best because the daytime temperature was perfect that day but at night it was really cold. Because the temperature was perfect and we were right next to the scenic lake, everyone enjoyed taking pictures by the lake. Thanks to our wonderful wedding photographer, StudioSixFifteen, we were able to capture the picture perfect wedding!

Even though the tent had to go down at 7pm, most of my close friends stayed behind and we were able to continue the party. Later that night, we set off beautiful fireworks. The floating lanterns were my favorite part of the evening. We all let go of our lanterns at the same time as the song from tangled played in the background; it was a beautiful sight and ending to our perfect wedding.