Cutting Costs on Marquee Events – Simple Tips, Big Savings

It’s commonly assumed that wedding marquee hire in South London is the kind of thing that is reserved only for those with the deepest pockets and the most extensive event budgets. In reality however, things are actually quite to the contrary as availability of fantastic marquee hardware has increased to such a point where prices are plummeting. Once a rare and exclusive asset, the wedding marquee is now readily available for pretty much anyone looking to bring the joy of the great outdoors to their own wedding party.

Nevertheless, exactly how much the marquee wedding costs to organise and put on will be determined by a variety of factors – most of which you have a lot of control over.  The simple fact of the matter is that marquee weddings can be as affordable or as expensive as you choose them to be, depending on the extravagance or otherwise of the affair.

So for those interested in the idea of a marquee wedding and looking to keep costs to absolute minimums, here’s a quick look at a few simple tips for stacking up considerable savings along the way:

1 – Book Ahead

First of all, it’s the tip that gets repeated more than any other but it’s also the most important – book in advance! As is the case with so many things these days, the very best deals are always snapped up by those who book ahead, while those who wait until the last minute have a tendency to be stung with the highest prices. Even if it means forking out a deposit ahead of time, this will no doubt be augmented entirely by the kinds of savings on the cards for booking in advance.  And just as long as you ensure you enter into a deal with a decent amount of flexibility, booking ahead doesn’t necessarily have to mean taking a risk.

2 – Shop Around

Also something of an obvious point but one that bears repeating, shopping around is mandatory when it comes to cutting the costs of marquee events. The days of there only being a few select companies offering marquee hire services are over. These days, there are literally hundreds of competing companies fighting for your business up and down the United Kingdom, which inherently means the lowest ever prices and plenty of competition. As such, there’s nothing to stop you finding a fantastic price, taking this quote to the provider of your choosing and asking them to beat it…which chances are, they will.

3 – Consider Catering Options

Always remember that one of the best things about marquee event hire is the way in which you have total freedom of choice when it comes to catering. You can shop around for the most affordable catering services out there, you can choose to have the event partially-catered to keep costs down or you can choose to cater the event yourself and take total control of how much you spend. The options really are limitless, so don’t ever fall into the trap of assuming that you have to spend a fortune on catering – you don’t!

4 – DJ or No DJ?

The same also goes for the services of professional event DJs, which don’t come cheap. These days, it’s worth remembering that if you already have all the music you’d like to be played at the wedding in your personal collection, technically all you need is a laptop or iPod and a simple speaker system to take care of things yourself. Set up a playlist, plug it in and away you go – all without having to spend so much as a penny on professional DJ services.

5 – Package Deals

When considering the available options on the market, it’s always worth looking into (or asking about) the possibility of all-inclusive package deals, which can in their own right breed significant savings. In some instances for example, you could go with a company that offers marquee hire, catering services, catering equipment hire and so on, all provided in one comprehensive package and for one comparatively low price. Even if you don’t end up going for it, it’s still worth asking and considering the options.

6 – Seasonal Swings

Last but not least, there’s absolutely nothing in the world that affects the costs of marquee events quite like the specific time of year at which the event in question takes place. Think of it this way – if for example you wanted to arrange a marquee wedding for a sunny Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer holidays, you would probably find yourself paying two or three times more than you would for an identical event on a rather chilly Wednesday morning in November. It’s worth remembering that it isn’t the time of year or the day of the week that determines how fantastic an event can be, so it’s always worth considering avoiding peak seasons in order to stack up real savings.


When to Walk Away from a Marquee Hire Company – Spotting Dodgy Dealers

It’s the kind of nightmare scenario nobody would choose to walk into were they given any say in the matter. Everything seems to be going just fine, when your chosen marquee company throws out the mother of all curveballs and in turn throws your entire event into jeopardy. From corporate events to wedding receptions to music performances and so on, you’d like to think that when it comes to reliability and professionalism, the marquee hire company you work with holds both in high regard.

Unfortunately however, this doesn’t always tend to be the case. According to the experts at, it is technically possible these days for anyone wishing to do so to purchase a job lot of worn, dated hardware and set up shop online as a ‘professional’ marquee hire company. Suffice to say, these are exactly the kinds of service providers that cannot be compared with those at the very top of the industry, for which flawlessness is the only acceptable standard.

So for those looking to cover all bases in advance and take priceless peace of mind as standard, here’s a quick guide to help determine when and where walking away may well be the best way to go:

1 – No Direct/Real-Time Communication

First of all, one of the most common characteristics of dodgy dealers among the industry is that of not being able to get directly in touch with them, try as you might. Every time you call, nobody is available.  Every time they promise to call you back, they don’t. And as for arranging meetings in person, forget about it.  If the only communication they seem to be able to offer comes by way of email or social media messaging, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this is not a professional service provider you are looking at. Avoiding direct/real-time communication is the oldest trick in the book for avoiding difficult questions and potential confrontations.

2 – Vague or Delayed Pricing

It’s also a similar story when it comes to pricing, as when you work with an experienced and professional service provider, there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be able to offer accurate quotations in an instant. After all, it’s their equipment that’s available and their services that are being offered, so why on earth should it take so much time for them to put together an initial quote?  The answer…it’s usually because those in question either do not have a clue what they are doing, or are actually middlemen taking your business and passing it on to others after jacking up the price for their own personal gain.

3 – No Apparent Business Address

As already mentioned, difficulties when trying to get in contact with the business represent an obvious telltale sign of a dodgy dealer.  But even without actually trying to get in touch directly, it is often possible to spot those who are best avoiding simply by taking notes of the business’ physical address. If no address is listed, it’s likely the business doesn’t exist. If the address listed is clearly residential, it could be some back bedroom operation established by an amateur. If on the other hand it’s clearly a registered business address, it’s far more likely it’s legit.

4 – Lack of Case Studies/Event Imagery

It’s incredibly easy for website designers to use (or steal) stock imagery to create a website that paints an extremely appealing picture of the business in question, even if it happens to be a misleading picture. As such, it’s important not to read too much into this kind of studio imagery, but rather to look a little deeper into the actual event imagery/portfolio of work on offer.  Suffice to say, in the cases of those with little to no experience or credibility, there will undoubtedly be a distinct lack of the latter.

5 – Feedback Questionable or Absent

Taking into account feedback and personal recommendations should be considered mandatory, before going ahead and booking any marquee hire services. When it comes to dodgy dealers, it’s usually possible to spot them a mile away as there will either be very little feedback to go on, or perhaps the kind of feedback that is clearly fabricated or doesn’t paint the most appealing picture.

6 – Unrealistic Promises

Last but not least, one of the most common tactics adopted by those of the rather negative end of the spectrum is to offer the kinds of ‘too good to be true’ deals that they simply cannot follow through with. If for example the industry’s leading providers all seem to be quoting around the £3,000 mark, anyone claiming to offer you the same service package for £300 clearly isn’t telling you the whole truth.


Engagement ring shopping in Dallas

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Tips to personalize your wedding ceremony.


1. Find a wedding officiant that will work with you to create the type of ceremony that you are envisioning.

2. Find a style.
* Long, short, traditional or non-traditional.
* Religious ceremony, ceremony with religious elements, or a totally secular ceremony.
* Formal, casual, lighthearted,or themed.

3. Find a tone or theme.
Your wedding ceremony should have a tone and a theme. A theme makes the whole ceremony cohesive, and showcases your personal style. A theme will help you choose vows, find readings, and help you and your officiant write the perfect ceremony.
* Will the tone be nostalgic,relaxed, or formal?
* Is your ceremony aimed toward the community of loved ones there to celebrate and witness your
love, or it more about the two you of you?
* Do you want to incorporate elements for a blended family.
* Will the ceremony follow a theme and build around a common element such as; commitment, love,
family, children, how you met, what your partner means to you, describe your relationship, based on a
video game, book, movie, religious writing, a song or your special creation.

3. Decide which components of the ceremony you want to include.
This is the minimum for a wedding: marriage license, 2 witnesses of legal age, and licensed officiant. Then build your ceremony format from there.

4. Find things that make it feel like your ceremony.
There are a lot of ways to add touches that will make your wedding ceremony feel tailored to you:
* A special reading and who reads it.
* Choice of music for seating of guests, wedding processional, bridal processional, recessional.
* Choice of venue; outdoor, indoor, private residence, park, destination wedding, local venue, hot air balloon, garden, the choices are endless.
* A song sung by a friend, family member, or other musical interlude.
* A blessing, prayer, or family tradition. .
* Formal seating, open seating, or just a gathering of guests.
* Ushers, attendants, bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid-of-honor, best man, flower girl, ring bearer and
page boy or girl.
* Giving in marriage, or support of the couple.
* Specialty ceremonies: sand, unity candle,or your own creation.
* Write your own vows.
* Exchange rings or no ring exchange.


Tips for finding the best Wedding Officiant


Finding the right person to marry you is an important decision. The person you choose as your wedding officiant will have a huge influence on your ceremony and set the tone for your wedding day. You will want to make sure that you find a wedding officiant who is willing to perform the type of ceremony you want. A good wedding officiant will take the time to understand your personalities, style, and beliefs so that together you can create the perfect ceremony. AZ Ceremony wedding officiants understand the importance of creating a ceremony uniquely designed for you.

AZ Ceremony strongly encourages you to seek a wedding officiant that will listen and work with your ideas. We encourage you to ask questions. We have listed a few questions to ask a potential wedding officiant.

This is not an exhaustive list and not every question may be applicable to your situation.

  1. Will the officiant allow you to customize your ceremony?
  2. Will you receive a copy of the ceremony script before the wedding?
  3. Will the officiant provide information on different types of ceremonies and ceremony script examples?
  4. Can you write your own vows?
  5. What is the officiant’s fee and if there are additional charges – mileage, rehearsals, specialty ceremonies, etc?
  6. Will the officiant allow photography during the ceremony?
  7. Will the officiant allow guest speakers or a co-officiant?
  8. Does the officiant require a contract?
  9. What is the cancellation policy?
  10. How many ceremonies has the officiant performed?
  11. What style of ceremony does the officiant like to perform?
  12. What is the officiant’s attire?
  13. Will the officiant provide a copy of their license?
  14. What is the best way to contact the officiant?

AZ Ceremony Wedding Officiants


Hiring a Wedding Planner in Singapore – What to Note



When you are planning a wedding, it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are about a thousand things to choose and accomplish, and if you are doing all this on your own, as a bride, or as a couple, things can get really stressful. Hiring a wedding planner can save couples from a lot of stress. After all, most of them have to work, too, and they can’t just quit their day jobs just to plan the wedding. Here are things you should look for if you want a good wedding planner on your big day.

Do you want full or partial service? Most wedding planners, and this includes a Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG, would offer either full or partial service. With a full wedding planning service, the couple won’t have to lift a finger. The wedding planner will plan everything from start to finish, of course, with consultations with the bride and groom. The consultation would revolve around what they want for the wedding, what they don’t want for the wedding, how many guests will be arriving, and how much money they are willing to spend.

A wedding planner that offers partial service will be there on the day itself just to make sure that the bride is not doing things on her own, or telling her guests to work for her during the wedding. Some family members might offer a helping hand on the wedding itself, but it really is best to just let them enjoy your wedding. In general, a partial wedding planning service might save the couple a little bit more money, but most of the preliminary work will still be shouldered by them. So, in terms of looking for a more valuable package, full wedding planning services are still better.

Where were they trained? Because wedding planners are generally not regulated, almost anyone with experience in planning a wedding can pass him or herself off as a wedding planner. Don’t let photographs and “testimonials” fool you. Ask for a professional with ample events planning training. Your wedding is a very important day, and you do not want to trust amateurs when it comes to planning your wedding. About a thousand things can go wrong with an event that big, so it really is best to hire a Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG. All their wedding planners have undergone rigorous training before being allowed to handle any client’s wedding. You can also choose from a number of wedding planners by conducting interviews first before making your choice.

Can they work within your budget? It is very important for your wedding planner or coordinator to work within the budget that you gave them. When a wedding planner asks you to spend a little bit more just to get a “celebrity” wedding, then you are dealing with a bad wedding planner. It shows that s/he doesn’t have the capability to put you in contact with suppliers that can give you premium service on the day itself without making you go broke. With a Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG, you can hold a wedding that looks more expensive that what it actually costs.

Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG will make sure that everything is organized and every detail attended to. A wedding planner will make sure your dream wedding will come true sans the headaches.


Why Pre-Wedding Photographs are becoming the Trend in Singapore

pre wedding photoshoot

When your parents got married, they have probably never heard of prenuptial or pre-wedding photo shoots. Why is this becoming a trend now, in Singapore? And is there any reason for you and your groom to have the same photography session?

The photo sets are rather useful. While pre-wedding photos might seem like just an added expense at first, they are actually quite useful. You can use the photos for your wedding video, as stills. You can also use them for your wedding website, for your wedding save-the-date cards, and for your souvenirs. Some couples and these photos spread out during their wedding reception at the hall, and the effect is actually quite classy. It fills the venue with love. You can look at samples of a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore if you are still not sure, just to asses if you would like the same done for your wedding as well.

It’s a good way to get you and your groom in the right mood. Wedding preparations can be so straining that some couples have fights while preparing the wedding. You are both just raring to have the perfect wedding day that the stress about that, and meeting your budget, can take a toll in your relationship. A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore can actually be a welcome break.

It’s a good set of photos to show to your kids. Wedding photos themselves are fun, but your kids will probably wonder how their parents looked like minus the wedding garbs. Most photo shoots pre wedding are also so much fun, your kids will think their parents were really cool to be able to pose that way. It’s a very good, light hearted and fun memorabilia to own. You might have to spend a bit more for it, but in the end, you’ll find that a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore is well worth your money.

It’s your last set of photos as boyfriend-and-girlfriend. Every milestone should be recorded, especially if you are a couple who are on your way to establishing your own family. A wedding album is fine, but why should you start there? A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore will also mark the last few months you have as unmarried but loving individuals. There is really no reason for you not to have this photoshoot.

The packages are affordable. There are plenty of affordable packages to look at for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore. All you have to do is to shop around for it. There are high end ones, for course, who might end up charging you as much as five times the normal photographer’s fee, but there are gems like the package being offered by Dream Wedding SG that could make you rethink your pre wedding photoshoot plans. You might actually go on with the photo shoot because it’s a lot of fun. Talk it over as a couple and see if it is an extra expense that will go a long way, anyway. Think value instead of price tags, and you should be able to make the right decision.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore by DreamWedding will capture all precious moments before you exchange I do’s with the love of your life.


Advantages of Renting your Bridal Gown


Some brides shy away from renting their bridal gowns because they think it won’t fit them well. What they don’t know is that they can enjoy plenty of perks when they choose to rent instead of buy their wedding gowns. DreamWedding’s Bridal Gown Rental Service will make you rethink your notions about purchasing your worn wedding gown. Below are just a few advantages of renting what you’ll wear during the big day.

It is a whole lot cheaper. Owning your wedding gown might not look like a good prospect if you realize how affordable it is to rent the same piece. DreamWedding’s Bridal Gown Service lets its clients choose from a wide range of wedding gown designs that are sure to flatter their bodies. These wedding gowns can be altered to look even better during the big day, but in general, they already look quite good on almost any body type. With the money you will be saving on your wedding gown, you can probably afford that wedding documentary that just isn’t possible with the wedding dress purchase. You can spend your savings too on inviting more guests.

It can fit you well. As long as you have a wedding dress consultation at least three weeks before your wedding, DreamWedding’s Bridal Gown Service can alter your dress to fit the specifics of your body. Unlike off-the-rack designer gowns that demand that you go on extreme diets just to fit into, rental gowns can be altered to fit your body. The company has an expert team of seamstresses who can help you make sure you look good on your wedding day.

You won’t have to worry about preserving it. Traditionally, wedding gowns are preserved. However, if you live in a condominium, you might find that having your wedding gown take up so much closet space does more harm than good. While it is good to reminisce about your big day, storing that wedding gown can be troublesome. It will also cost you a lot of money to have it preserved so the fabric won’t yellow. To top it all off, there is no assurance that you can pass it on to your daughter when she gets married. The styles during your daughter’s time might not be the same as your wedding gown. She is also bound to have her own unique dress, and she might have a different body type. DreamWedding’s Bridal Gown Service can let you hold your wedding without worrying about these things.

You can afford two wedding gowns. While it would cost a ridiculous amount of money just to own two gowns to suit different venues, wearing two different gowns is very possible with DreamWedding’s Bridal Gown Service. Your wedding coordinator can help you find what is suitable for your reception venue, and what is suitable for the temple or the Church where you will have the rights. This will allow you to look your best during both the ceremony and the reception. Usually, a more casual gown is usually needed during the reception as you will be expected to dance and entertain your guests.

DreamWedding’s Bridal Gown Rental Service allows brides to have the wedding gown of their dreams without burning a big hole in their pockets. Choose from our wide array of stylish gowns for your wedding day.


Things to Consider when having your Wedding Photography Done in Singapore


Singapore has become one of the best spots to hold one’s wedding, thanks to a conglomerate of excellent event planners, venues, caterers, and photographers that specialize in weddings. However, there are a few things every couple must ask before hiring a wedding photographer.

What is the photographer’s style? Photographers will always have a trademark style. Are you going for a humorous documentation of your special day? Does the photographer like portraying weddings with a focus on the bride? Is his or her style dreamy or very realistic? Will this style match your wedding’s theme and your personality? Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore can provide you with an excellent team of photographers, but it always pays to look into their catalogue to check out their style just the same.

How experienced is the photographer and how many are they in the team? In the case of Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore, you get to choose packages. The bigger the package, the more detailed your wedding photography will be, but this can also mean that you will have more photographers attending the wedding. This is an important question to ask because you also feed your suppliers during the wedding, and it can affect the cost of your wedding.

Is the photographer specializing in weddings? While it’s nice to have a photographer who is quite diverse in his practice, it is still better to hire someone who specializes in weddings in particular. This means that the photographer is most likely familiar with the other suppliers during the wedding, and s/he could easily work with them on the day itself. This also means that your photographer is familiar with about 100 things that could go wrong during the wedding, and the photographer could easily adjust to the situation.

Is the photographer booked for another event that weekend? The more events the wedding photographer is booked in during that weekends, the less time and attention the photographer would have at your wedding. Be wary of photographers who tend to overbook themselves. It is your right to demand that your photographer be exclusively booked for your event at least on the day itself. This way, you won’t have to worry about the photographer being late for your wedding, or leaving early for the other event.

What equipment will be used during the photography session? Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore offers plenty of equipment which can be used by their team, depending on the package. This equipment generally makes the photos look better. However, much of the appearance of the photos will depend on the mastery of the photographer’s skills, and not on the equipment alone. Just the same, this is a good thing to ask your assigned photographer as some venues do not allow the use of equipment. If they do, they might charge you more for each item that is plugged in to their power source. It might be a good idea for you to ask the wedding photographer, and if the contract covers these surprise expenses.

For more enticing wedding photography packages, check out Wedding Photography by Dream Wedding Singapore today.

Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore will make you feel like a star. You can customize your packages and capture the most precious moments during your wedding.


What You Should do When You Can’t Reduce Your Stress

Stress is something we all have in our lives. We don’t always hate what causes it, even though stress has a bad image. Sometimes the same thing that gives us reason to celebrate also causes us stress. A child’s wedding, wedding dress shopping, a job promotion, or even a loved holiday can all cause us stress.

Stress causes cortisol to be released into the bloodstream and this can build up over time, leading to health problems with the heart and other organs. While our bodies don’t know the difference between the two different types of causes of stress, good events versus bad events, with the good events, mentally we can mitigate the effects, even if slightly, through our happiness. This happiness can offset some of the stress for us. So, it might be possible, through positive thinking, to alleviate some of the stress that we experience, even from what we might consider to be bad events.

Some events cannot be changed and must remain the way they are for a long time, perhaps even indefinitely. Divorce, natural disasters, house fires and so on do happen and their effects are felt for a long time afterward. Living is not the same afterward in most cases, with the destruction of the things that brought normality to our lives. We may still be alive, but we have to re-organize our lives around our new environments, even if they are emotional ones. This also causes more stress!

Some people will say to make the best or most of everything that comes through your life, to make lemonade when life hands you lemons. The thing is, you also need water and sugar to make lemonade. The best approach is to look at it with a view of your total life, not just aspects of it, here and there. The whole of your life, as it is now, needs to be examined and appreciated. Looking back at how much better your past was than what your future seems to be capable of being won’t help you decrease your stress levels, so avoid doing this. Memories are good to look back on when it shows you how capable you are of building a happy and successful life, though. Looking back for self-encouragement is one thing, and reminiscing in sorrow about all the things you’ve lost is another.

Stress can affect your health, so minimizing the stress you experience is important. When it’s impossible to minimize the amount of stress in your life, the next best thing is to frame how you think about the events in your life.

Divorce opens up many doors, so if you’ve been through a divorce recently, it’s better to realize that you can still move forward with your life, no matter your age. In the case of divorce, it’s true that you won’t have any emotional support from you ex-partner, you also won’t be told that you shouldn’t take that pottery class, stay out late with friends, have your relatives spend the weekend, or anything else you and your ex-spouse used to argue about.

If you’ve lost your home due to a natural disaster, this can be extremely stressful, so it’s best to look at and keep in mind the things that you didn’t lose. Helping others is another excellent way to refocus your energy on moving forward and rebuilding your life. As you help others find out information that helps them, you’ll also find out what can help you in rebuilding.

Another way that stress can affect your health adversely besides the release of extra cortisol into the bloodstream is that it can create overwhelming feeling of depression. While you may not be depressed in the typical sense, knowing that you may feel sluggish, more tired or cranky than usual, or just feel blah, because of the increased stress in your life can help you fix the problem, at least to an extent. Otherwise, stress can cause you to neglect areas of your life that an lead to future health problems.

If eating seems to be an unconscious way for you to cope with the amount of stress in your life, this can lead to weight gain, as well as additional cavities in your teeth. Sleeping too much can lead to a lack of exercise, poor hygiene and other problems. These in turn can lead to deep feelings of inadequacy and other health problems.

In short, stressful situations, especially when there is nothing you can do to follow the standard advice about reducing the amount of stress you have, can cause you a great deal of stress. It is your mindset that needs to adapt to carry you through whichever situation it is so that you can re-frame your situation, abilities, and the future.