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3 Tips for Brides With Children Wedding Guests!

So you have decided to invite some children wedding attendants to be in your wedding as flower girls, ring bearers or both! Fantastic, children add a very sweet element to every wedding as weddings are truly a celebration of family! Follow these 3 tips to help your little wedding attendants to have a great time and ensure your wedding guests enjoy your wedding too!

First, plan your wedding events at child-friendly times!

For example, if you want to have a candle light service in the summer at dusk, and your little 3 year old flower girl normally goes to bed at 7:30pm but the service starts at about 8:00pm, then consider changing your service time, or not choosing a child quite so young to participate in your wedding! It is simply not fair to your little flower girl to have such a big event taking place after her typical bedtime!

Remember, adults can easily change their sleep schedules for special events, but most children will need to keep their typical sleep schedules to be happy and content!

Second, make sure healthy snacks are available for children!

Once again, as adults, we are able to handle being hungry for a bit and just waiting for the meal to be served, but not children! So for your rehearsal dinner, make sure the restaurant will have a small snack (at least crackers or another snack food) for the little ones so they will not be tired and hungry waiting for the meal to be served!

This also holds true for the wedding! Once again, if you just ask your wedding venue to provide a small kid-friendly snack (or allow you to bring one in) everyone will be much happier!! The kids snack does not have to look make your wedding look cheap – click here to see an example of an attractive wedding snack for kids!

Finally, have something for your child wedding guests to do while the adults are enjoying conversation and toasts!!

Weddings are great fun for adults! We enjoy the decorations, seeing family and friends and just enjoying some down time to celebrate with the bride and groom, but children consider most of that “boring”!

So, adding some quiet table activities for the kids can be a lifesaver! Don’t feel like you need to host a carnival for them – but you need more than crayons and coloring pages (as kids see those items daily)! I recommend you having a few small, quiet toys such as finger puppets, puzzles, sticker sets and more!

At Kids Wedding Fun, we specialize in keeping kids entertained during the wedding reception so they won’t be poking at your cake and sliding on the dance floor! Check out our child wedding favors like our Wedding Table Activity Set for 6 kids that costs just $5 for each child!

Visit for more hints and tips for brides planning a wedding when children will be invited as guests or in the wedding party!