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3 Tips to choose the best wedding planner


Almost every girl’s dream is to have a magical and unforgettable wedding, not just with the man they love but with the perfect atmosphere and location. But there are different points of view on what is “perfect” for each bride, which is why the hardest decision you’ll ever make is choosing the best wedding organizer. So let me help you by giving this tips that will make that decision easier.

Tip #1: Do some research.

You have a huge advantage that your parents probably didn’t have, and that’s the internet. You can type in Google something like “best wedding planner in Miami”. This may help you because you’ll find several wedding planners in your area. You just have to pick a few and go in their website, check the reviews, and their previous work. Remember to make notes of what you liked about it and what you didn’t.

Tip #2: Ask your friends.

After you spend some time doing your research on Google, try to look for a few more options by asking your friends if they have gone to a nice wedding lately, if they’ve seen a beautiful event or they know someone who had their wedding recently. Any recommendation works at this point. Ask if they can put you in contact or just recommend you a great wedding planner.

Tip #3. Arrange a conversation.

Once you narrow down your list of wedding planners that you like, arrange an appointment or a call so you can ask questions related to price ranges, experience, and overall feeling. This is a delicate point because you’ll have to hear your heart and make sure there is some chemistry between you and the person whom you’re talking. There are a lot of wedding planners who can make the best wedding but not everyone can make YOUR WEDDING THE BEST.