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4 Fun Ways to Reuse Wedding Balloons after the Party

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Right after all the partying and the merry-making, when the bouquet has been caught and the garter has been tossed, the wedding party comes to a halt as the newlyweds exit the venue as husband and wife for the very first time. Looking back at all the preparations, the stressful planning, and the constant worrying, the wedding decorations are often left to the catering staff and crew to be put away.

Let’s take into consideration all of those sleepless nights sifting through the design plan, all of the time spent to get all the elements to match, plus all the money invested in the entire wedding day, don’t you feel like you should go the extra mile and maximise in every possible way? This is where these brilliant ideas come in, as budget-savvy brides and eco-conscious couples opt for wedding decorations that don’t only look good as mere one-time centerpieces or wall hangings. The multipurpose elements in weddings definitely make for a wiser and economical investment as dual-functionality is a big plus when it comes to the newlyweds of the 21st century.

From wedding favors that can double as table seating cards to bridesmaids’ bouquets that are used as centerpieces during the reception, wedding balloons, too, have their own special limelight when it comes to versatility and reusability. Wedding balloon decorator Catherine Harvey shows us 4 completely fun ways to reuse and recycle wedding balloons right after wedding celebration is over.

Make a wish

For helium balloons which are commonly used as table centerpieces or dance floor ceiling decorations, have the guests grab one floating balloon each and ask them to write down their wishes on a small piece of paper. It may be a wish for the newlyweds, a wish for their own selves, or even just a celebratory message for the new husband and wife. With the messages tied at the other end, let the bride and groom lead the group in releasing the balloons as you send your wishes up to the beautiful night sky.

Strike a pose

Taking on the balloon’s whimsical and amusing character, have the entire bridal party run around the city or trek the woods with their own balloon props for the post nuptial shoot. Portraits would look lovely with the extra pop of color from the balloons and the bridesmaids and groomsmen certainly would enjoy getting to play around like kids again. Or, fill up the balloons with paint or watercolor and go nuts throwing it into the wedding gown in a trash-the-dress shoot. Making a mess could never be as fun as this!

Pop and play

Keep a secret note hidden in one of the balloons or fill up a few ones with confetti and let the guests go crazy in finding them. Prepare a prize for the winners or simply just do the game for fun, replacing the bouquet and garter toss. Make sure to warn all other guests that might be a bit frightened by the loud pop and also give the venue staff a heads up of all the popping that will happen right before the party ends.

Spread the joy

Donate the balloon centerpieces and arrangements to the nearest children’s hospital, orphanage, or even to a retirement center. Inform the staff beforehand and make the delivery along with the rest of the bridal party. The patients and residents there would definitely appreciate the colorful trimmings and the newlyweds get to also share their special day to extraordinary people. A definite win-win for all!