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5 Wedding Guestbook Ideas

The basic wedding guestbook provides a record of the people who attended your wedding, sure. But it’s not much more than a list of names. It’ll sit on a bookshelf and collect dust after the wedding. If you’d like to go beyond a boring guestbook, there are plenty of opportunities to make it something more; a living document of your special day that you’ll visit again and again. Here are some ways to make your guestbook a work of art.

Fingerprint Tree

You can let your wedding guests help you create a painting you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. Instead of a list of names, your guests’ fingerprints turn into the leaves of a tree. It makes a striking visual statement–you can match the inks to your wedding colors or let the guests pick their own colors. Just make sure to provide some alcohol wipes for getting the ink off of guest’s hands before it gets on their formal wear.

Paper Chain

Here’s a fun one that will give you a little boost of love after your honeymoon. Cut strips of colored paper and have your guests write a sentence or two of advice, a happy memory, or a wish for the future. Then they can use a dot of glue or piece of tape to add the strip to a paper chain. After your honeymoon, open one link of the chain a day and read what your guests have written.

River Rocks

For a more enduring display, pick out a selection of smooth, shiny river rocks for your guests to sign. Either gather the rocks at a location that’s meaningful to you as a couple (assuming a river of some sort plays a prominent part in your relationship) or head down to your local hardware/craft store to get them. Gold and silver Sharpies work well for making sure the signatures don’t fade over time. You can also buy some sparklers for weddings so that once your guests have signed their rocks; they can grab a few as they add the rocks to the collection to be displayed in a glass vase or water feature.

Margin Notes

You can still have your guest book be an actual book; if that’s the way you want to go. But take it to the next level by making it a coffee-table book instead of a regular guest book. Make it a lavishly-illustrated book that relates to you and your partner’s interests. Guests can sign in the margins, so when you’re leafing through the book you’ll see their well-wishes. It’s kind of like a grown-up version of your high school yearbook.

Guest Quilt

If you’ve got a friend or relative with some strong sewing skills, you can turn your guestbook into a useful item for cold winter nights. Have guests sign squares of fabric using fabric paint, and then have them sewn together into a blanket you can hang on the wall or cuddle in with your spouse.

Your wedding guest book doesn’t have to be a dull slab that you never look at again after the big day. With these ideas, it can be something you’ll revisit over and over again, evoking strong memories of your special day.