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A Guide to Renting a Tuxedo

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If you are getting married soon, it is likely that you have gone on to look at your options for the best tuxedo rental Raleigh NC. While the bride is expected to purchase and own her wedding dress, the groom and the men in your wedding party might just be able to get away with rentals. Of course, just because it is a rental doesn’t mean the tuxedos will have to look anything but tailor-fit. The guidelines below should be followed closely especially by the groom.

If you are the groom, try another option. It is still recommended for the groom to invest a lot on what he will wear for the big day. It is recommended for the groom to choose a tuxedo set which he already owns, or to have something tailor-fitted for him before the big day. If he feels that this might be too much expense for the big day, then perhaps the tuxedos can be toned down for him and the men in the wedding party so it may be used on another occasion.

If buying is really not an option, find the best rental place. Getting the best looking tuxedo rental is necessary especially if you are a groom on a budget. If you are looking for the best tuxedo rental in Raleigh, don’t worry. It might actually be the very same boutique your future wife is getting her wedding dress. Look at the selections available in NY Bride of Raleigh. You will be pleasantly surprised that they carry gowns and tuxedos for your entire wedding party.

Get the best fit possible by being early. Don’t wait for the last few days before your wedding day before renting out your tuxedo. Give the boutique enough time to alter the shoulder part of your tuxedo to give you a better fit. You should also ask your groomsmen and your best man to have their tuxedos fitted early so alterations can be done before the big day. This way, you and your wedding party can look sleek and dashing in your wedding tuxes even though they are only rented out.

Ask to look at the real thing. Some boutiques only hand out the bride and the groom a catalogue of their available tuxedos for rent. While most of them, like the NY Bride in Raleigh, are reputable enough to have high quality rentals for the wedding party, try not to leave anything to chance. If possible, and if your wedding party member is in the state anyway, schedule an actual fitting so you can see the material with your own eyes. This will also give you the chance to make changes if the material of the tuxedo or the shirt you are renting is uncomfortable. Remember, you don’t want your wedding party to just look good. You want them confident and comfortable on your wedding day too.

Double check to see if everything is uniform. The beauty of having tuxedos rented out is that the groomsmen look uniform with each other. It is okay if the groom looks a bit different from the rest, as he should, but the groomsmen should, as much as possible, have the same color of coats and ties. For the best tuxedo rental, call 704.529.6400.

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh offers a perfect tuxedo program for a groom looking for Tuxedo Rental Raleigh NC. Why spend thousands of dollars if you can save your money for your future with your bride.