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Beach Wedding Attire Ideas


An invitation to a beach wedding is surely a very tempting idea and once you have received the invitation the first thing you need to decide is what to wear for the occasion.

Fabrics: When it comes to beach wedding attire one should carefully choose the fabric which goes into the clothes. Always stick to light fabric which doesn’t cling to your body. Choose materials like linen, organza, chiffon, lace or any cotton blends provided they look and feel light yet attractive. If you don’t want sweat marks on your dress then stick to light fabrics.

Men on the other hand can stick to linen shirts for casual weddings and linen pants for weddings on the beach. A linen button down shirt is the coolest attire to wear on a beach wedding and make sure that your linen suit is loose fitting and semi formal.

The best colors: Black dresses undoubtedly looks stunning but if you are attending a wedding in a tropical beach then choose a light colour. Black dresses tend to conduct heat leaving you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable within an hour or two. The best idea is to match the environment and choose a beautiful exotic tone for your dress. Colours like turquoise blue, aquamarine blue, fuchsia, tangerine, or sand are perfect for a beach wedding. Wearing a printed dress in a bright hue can be a good idea. However if the ceremony is at the evening then you can carry a light weight shawl which would go with the dress.

Beach wedding attire for men can include a bright linen shirt paired with beige or white bottoms. They are not only comfortable but also look very soothing. A cream or tan colored beach wedding shirts for the groom is just perfect for a semi formal beach wedding.

However if the beach wedding ceremony is more on the formal side then find a maxi dress or an elegant gown. In case of a semi formal wedding get a short or tea length dress which won’t drag in the sand. A loose fitting sleeveless maxi dress in cotton or chiffon is a very good choice.

Men can always chuck the tie. They are not called for in a non traditional wedding and a wearing a tie in a tropical weather would make you feel suffocating and uncomfortable. However in case the reception is being held in a yacht or a resort you can choose a suit and tie. A light coloured linen button down shirt with short or three quarter sleeves would look elegant on a beach.

Shoes: Sandals and flip flops are the best shoes to wear in a beach wedding.

Additional tips: Never wear a short to a wedding since it’s utterly inappropriate. Make sure to go for a pedicure since you would be wearing open toe shoes like flip flops and sandals. Girls should keep away from wearing dresses which ruffles with the slightest gust of wind. Therefore too short and too loose dresses must be avoided when it comes to a wedding on the beach.