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Capture Your Wedding with a Documentary Style Video

This short wedding documentary movie is the story of Rahul and Ankita’s grand Indian wedding, shot over two days in Jaipur, India.

Rahul wasn’t really looking forward to settle down in life. But his parents really wanted him to consider Ankita as a prospective bride. So he agreed to speak to her, just to please his parents. Rahul lived in Dubai and Ankita in India, so they could only speak over phone and chat over net. After few months of interaction, their families decided to meet (along with them of course). But Rahul and Ankita wanted to meet alone first, without their families around. And they did manage to convince their parents for the same (Indian parents can get pretty conservative at times).

Their first meeting (in person) could happen just one day before the families were to meet. As they headed to a cafe in Mumbai to finally see each other, both wondered what if after this ‘arranged’ meeting, they were not sure about getting married? What would they tell their parents the next day, when entire families would meet? Of course, certain things happened and these questions subsequently got answered and the beautiful couple ended up with a destination wedding in the amazing Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur.


This movie was developed & produced by ShaadiGraPher. Visit their website at to learn more.