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Choosing a Wedding DJ

In my time as a DJ, I have found myself on stage with many big stars of our time, like Usher, 50 Cent and Macklemore.  You would think that I would know exactly how to do my job no matter how stressful the situation, so you can imagine my surprise when I found myself collapsing into a pit of extreme nerves at the wedding of Vimal Badiani and Niralie Karia, whose modern Indian wedding took place in Devi Garh by Lebua in Delwara, Udaipur.

I, DJ Rugrat (Nainesh), flew all the way from London to India to take part in this amazing wedding in a beautiful international destination, and arrived to find myself full of nerves and completely awestruck from the beautiful landscape that was all around me.  Exquisite architecture and beautiful, eye-capturing scenery, it was all so mind-blowing that I just stood there, staring around me, thinking, “How the hell does anyone do anything here?  All I want to do is just stand here and stare.”

The Palace looming in front of me was Devi Garh, a heritage hotel that once housed royalty in the 18th century.  Every single inch of this place was beautifully crafted, combining modern and contemporary architecture to create a dream, royal wedding for any couple. I roamed the grounds and tried to see this place as something other than a fairy tale.  The remarkable character of the Palace got my mind going, and I started understanding how I could harness the beauty and culture of this place and use it to form the best experience for this happy couple.

In the sun down party that revealed most of the guests, most of which were English and Indian descent, I prepared my playlist for the wedding reception, adding in bollywood music, my own produced music, and the current popular pieces to offer a good amount of variety.  My own work combined with the Mehndi and Sangeet night, and a phenomenal live band that brought India’s sound into the ceremony, made for a great night, it was completed by some family dances that floated across the floor and captivated the room.

The wedding ceremony itself was beautiful.  The groom entered on an elephant – which was certainly a sight to see – and was marched in by a brass band and dhol players.  The ceremony was outside and conducted by Pandit Vasudev Mehta, who focused on presenting a complete Hindu wedding ceremony that took place in both English and explaining the Sanskrit Hindu Vedic Scriptures.

My moment as the wedding DJ went well, show-casing my talent with the castle as a backdrop.  Experts at presenting, Musical Movements created another spectacular wedding that sent everyone home happy and all danced out.  This wonderful vimalie wedding was an overall success, complete with delicious food and drink.  Apresh Chavada, the photographer, and Hariom Mistry (H.O.M Productions) the videographer, did excellent jobs and were very professional in their style at capturing this happy moment.

Due to the wonderful experience and by how well we were received, I am looking forward to returning to India again in February to perform in Kerala.  It was an amazing and life-changing experience overall.

india_weddingWritten by the Musical Movements Team