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Choosing Luxury Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations

Even in this, the digital age, the timeless elegance of handwritten wedding invitations is as popular than ever. From skilled handlettering artists to fonts created in a handlettered style, Pergamonde is proud to offer beautiful, handmade paper wedding invitations to couples planning their big day.

As the first formal announcement and impression your guests will have of the event, your wedding invitations are of great importance. We are able to help you choose and design the perfect invitations that match the style and theme of your ceremony, and the character and personality of both bride and groom. From using the right words, to the
font, ink colour, and paper, we help couples design stunning wedding invitations.


Your unique invitation will not only serve as notice and request for attendance, but when displayed, doubles as a piece of art in the home of the recipient. Unlike department or stationery stores, our paper is handmade to perfect compliment the colours and style of your invitation.

Whether you are in need of wedding invitations, save the date announcements, RSVP cards, or a guest book, Pergamonde has the unique, elegant, quality, and handmade paper needs to celebrate and commemorate your wedding in style. For more information and samples visit