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Cutting Costs on Marquee Events – Simple Tips, Big Savings

It’s commonly assumed that wedding marquee hire in South London is the kind of thing that is reserved only for those with the deepest pockets and the most extensive event budgets. In reality however, things are actually quite to the contrary as availability of fantastic marquee hardware has increased to such a point where prices are plummeting. Once a rare and exclusive asset, the wedding marquee is now readily available for pretty much anyone looking to bring the joy of the great outdoors to their own wedding party.

Nevertheless, exactly how much the marquee wedding costs to organise and put on will be determined by a variety of factors – most of which you have a lot of control over.  The simple fact of the matter is that marquee weddings can be as affordable or as expensive as you choose them to be, depending on the extravagance or otherwise of the affair.

So for those interested in the idea of a marquee wedding and looking to keep costs to absolute minimums, here’s a quick look at a few simple tips for stacking up considerable savings along the way:

1 – Book Ahead

First of all, it’s the tip that gets repeated more than any other but it’s also the most important – book in advance! As is the case with so many things these days, the very best deals are always snapped up by those who book ahead, while those who wait until the last minute have a tendency to be stung with the highest prices. Even if it means forking out a deposit ahead of time, this will no doubt be augmented entirely by the kinds of savings on the cards for booking in advance.  And just as long as you ensure you enter into a deal with a decent amount of flexibility, booking ahead doesn’t necessarily have to mean taking a risk.

2 – Shop Around

Also something of an obvious point but one that bears repeating, shopping around is mandatory when it comes to cutting the costs of marquee events. The days of there only being a few select companies offering marquee hire services are over. These days, there are literally hundreds of competing companies fighting for your business up and down the United Kingdom, which inherently means the lowest ever prices and plenty of competition. As such, there’s nothing to stop you finding a fantastic price, taking this quote to the provider of your choosing and asking them to beat it…which chances are, they will.

3 – Consider Catering Options

Always remember that one of the best things about marquee event hire is the way in which you have total freedom of choice when it comes to catering. You can shop around for the most affordable catering services out there, you can choose to have the event partially-catered to keep costs down or you can choose to cater the event yourself and take total control of how much you spend. The options really are limitless, so don’t ever fall into the trap of assuming that you have to spend a fortune on catering – you don’t!

4 – DJ or No DJ?

The same also goes for the services of professional event DJs, which don’t come cheap. These days, it’s worth remembering that if you already have all the music you’d like to be played at the wedding in your personal collection, technically all you need is a laptop or iPod and a simple speaker system to take care of things yourself. Set up a playlist, plug it in and away you go – all without having to spend so much as a penny on professional DJ services.

5 – Package Deals

When considering the available options on the market, it’s always worth looking into (or asking about) the possibility of all-inclusive package deals, which can in their own right breed significant savings. In some instances for example, you could go with a company that offers marquee hire, catering services, catering equipment hire and so on, all provided in one comprehensive package and for one comparatively low price. Even if you don’t end up going for it, it’s still worth asking and considering the options.

6 – Seasonal Swings

Last but not least, there’s absolutely nothing in the world that affects the costs of marquee events quite like the specific time of year at which the event in question takes place. Think of it this way – if for example you wanted to arrange a marquee wedding for a sunny Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer holidays, you would probably find yourself paying two or three times more than you would for an identical event on a rather chilly Wednesday morning in November. It’s worth remembering that it isn’t the time of year or the day of the week that determines how fantastic an event can be, so it’s always worth considering avoiding peak seasons in order to stack up real savings.