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Different types of bridal hair accessories for Indians

The process of choosing the wedding gown and the wedding accessories to go with it is usually very exciting although can be anything at times. There are so many options of accessories to choose from and it may be overwhelming trying to choose the perfect ones for the wedding. Indian weddings are usually characterized by a lot of accessories for both the bride and the groom and also the bridal party. There are different bridal hair accessories that Indian brides can wear to complement their dresses as well as other accessories on their body such as bangles and they are discussed below.


Maang tikka

This is the most common hair accessory for Indian brides and it is mandatory. It must be worn by all brides as customary of Indian tradition. The Tikka is worn on the forehead by pinning its strings to the hair and the pendant hangs on the forehead. There are also different types of tikkas and therefore the bride has to choose the one that fits her dress, other accessories and the hairdo.

Crowns or Tiaras

Crowns and tiaras are also very common types of bridal hair accessories. These are usually worn on their own or with a veil. They are also worn with hair that is left hanging free or one that is tied up. The crown and tiaras are usually very versatile and can be worn with almost all gown designs and gives the bride the princess look.


These are also good hair accessories for brides and they are also very versatile. They can be worn to prevent your hair from covering your face if you leave your hair hanging down. These are also a good choice for women who have short hair because they have little choices when it comes to headpieces since most headpieces are worn with long hair.

Hair ribbons

These are made for brides who have braided their hair or who have short hair. They help keep hair intact and give it a stylish look. They are informal and therefore are perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Hair pins

These are pins that are made specifically for weddings. They are simple and yet elegant. They give the hair some sparkle without stealing the show. They are simple and subtle but very stylish and elegant. They also help keep the hair in place and prevent you from messing it up.


These are also perfect for giving the bride a vintage look. They can be used on their own or with a veil. They can be used with any hairdo. These are also very comfortable but care should be taken when choosing the design to use since a fascinator that is too big or too small may not work or some designs may not work with some gowns.


Flowers are recommended mostly for brides who have gowns that have a flower accent. With flowers, you can experiment with different types. You can either get an artificial flower clip or pin or you can use a flower garland that is handmade. It is advisable to use the same flower pattern or design as the one in your bouquet to maintain consistency.