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Extreme Weddings

We get it. You want a non-traditional wedding. The whole church scene is boring. Beach weddings have been done to death. The list of lame wedding ideas goes on and on. What you’re looking for is a truly extreme wedding, something so over-the-top and unconventional that someone might write a blog post about it someday. Well, here are a few that have been done at least once before, but they may serve to inspire you.

Zombie Wedding

Are you a horror movie fan? Like, not just a casual “watch-a-scary-movie-a-year” kind of fan? If horror movies are an obsession you share with your partner, you might be able to talk them into a zombie-themed wedding. Imagine the possibilities: bride and groom in full zombie makeup, bride lurching down the aisle, saying “Brains” instead of “I do.” Your reception can have a brain-shaped cake, and everyone will be required to learn the Thriller dance for the first dance. Call it “Night of the Living Wed.”


If you were born to run, if you have one of those 26.2 stickers on your car, if you regularly run farther than most people drive in a day, consider combining the extreme sport of marathons with the extreme lifestyle change of getting married. We’ve seen at least one couple get married while running the marathon, with the officiant keeping pace and the wedding guests watching from the sidelines. The combined endorphin rush is bound to be legendary.

Nude Wedding

If you and your partner like to recreate in the buff, why should you have to put on gowns and tuxedos to get married? After all, you’re supposed to reveal your true self to your partner on your wedding day. How can you do that in all the fancy get-up? The only consideration is if only the wedding couple will be nude, or the whole wedding party, or if the entire affair is clothing-optional; though you should reconsider buying cheap sparklers for weddings and opt for better ones that won’t flake apart onto your nude bodies. Do take a moment to consider your guest list before that last option, though. Are you prepared to see Grandpa and Grandma in their altogether?

Ice Palace

There are a few Ice Palaces in the colder parts of the world–there are huge ones in Montreal, Iceland, and even Minnesota. Some even have a full hotel and bar where everything is made of ice, from the bar to the glasses booze is served in to the beds you’ll sleep in afterward. It’s an absolutely beautiful way venue for a wedding–you’ll be surrounded by glittering, gleaming ice, puffing out steam with every vow. Just don’t combine it with the nude wedding and you’ll be fine.

Hot Air Balloon

If you’re planning on having a small wedding–and we mean really small, like just the wedding couple, officiant, and a couple of witnesses–why not take the whole thing up in the air? You can’t beat the view from a hot air balloon, or the feeling of effortlessly floating high above the world. If you’re really extreme, you can say your vows and then bungee-jump from the gondola. Sure, you’re risking an immediate invocation of the “‘til death do us part” clause, but you can’t deny it’d be cool.

If even the unconventional wedding is a little too conventional for you, one of these extreme weddings just might fit the bill. Or perhaps when you consider sleeping on an ice bed for your wedding night, those traditional options might seem a little more attractive. Either way, it’s fun to dream.