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Father Daughter Wedding Speech

father_daughter_speechThe other day, I was asked to help a gentleman write the speech he was to deliver at his daughter’s wedding reception.  With his permission, I share it with all of you.

Hi there (smile) I’m Dan, and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Amanda’s Dad.

To be honest with you all.. when I first began thinking about what I would say here today, I wasn’t sure I could come up with the right words in fact.. I didn’t know the first thing about how to write a speech, let alone a good speech, or one that was worthy of showing the love I have for my daughter.  I wasn’t interested in any poems or rhymes or haiku’s .. I just wanted something heart felt… and maybe a little clever and witty with a little humor thrown in for good measure…

So, I talked to a couple of people…..and this one person said to me, ” Dan, you know, after reading these notes you’ve given me – you’ve already said it…”  she went on to say that I just needed to trust my instincts a little more…  So,  she helped me put some sentences together and clean up spelling.. but you know… after I took a second look at my notes, from that perspective… i realized she might be onto something.. And Boy oh Boy, I hope she was right. (laughter)

………..AMANDA……. My First Born………..mi Amiga  my  little bambina;   She was born on Christmas eve, 1987.. @ 11 pm .. her Mom and I got to pick the date… yeah, we actually had a choice.. Christmas or Christmas eve… She was an instant bright and shiny star to everybody that saw her, and to me…… I was instantly smitten.  She had me at ____.   We’ve been comrades ever since….Eventually, I became a weekend Dad… and I never wanted to share her with her friends… that was MY time- ME TIME, and I was gonna have her all to myself.  Well…. I’m kinda glad I did that back then, cuz now – I’m sharing her big time!!! (laughter)

……….yeah….Let me tell ya about Amanda  She’s super.  she’s terrific   Shes spectacular!  She’s funny and fun.  Really!… She’s rather wacky and can even make even an injury fun! [share the story of why you say that part, then smile & pause) (change the tone now..)…Let me tell ya something… I guarantee that if her Mother were here today, she’d be soooo proud of our beautiful daughter.  I know that she would be supportive and positive like she always was..and I know she’d have loved being a Grandmother.  She raised Amanda to be all those things too- and more.  She truly is the best parts of Kate and me.

Well… (say with reflection) if i can give you guys any advice today.. I would say.. do things for the other person and put the other person first every single day.  Even if you don’t want to, or your too tired.  Put the other person first even when you don’t have the time, or even if you think they’re being silly …even if you don’t think they deserve it.  Just do it… Cuz when it comes down to it…. as I see it…a great marriage really depends on showing the other that you are their best friend.   And if you put each other first in all things and in all ways…it will prove over and over again that the love you declared today to each other can be trusted and relied on throughout time….. and distance… and through all of life’s trials and tribulations.

I’ll wind this up by saying..from my heart, I love my oldest daughter.  I’ll always be your dad and i’m here for you both…  Thank you to everybody… for being here today and for being there for Amanda and Jack. I’m very happy for the both of them.  They’re good for one another, and adding ____________ to the family is definitely gonna: ___________ (improve my golf game….or something frivolous & or corny) {laughter}  END IT WITH LAUGHTER & and a toast.”Cheers”


written by: Amanda’s Dad & Rev. R Haiston, 2013 &