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Hiring a Wedding Planner in Singapore – What to Note



When you are planning a wedding, it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are about a thousand things to choose and accomplish, and if you are doing all this on your own, as a bride, or as a couple, things can get really stressful. Hiring a wedding planner can save couples from a lot of stress. After all, most of them have to work, too, and they can’t just quit their day jobs just to plan the wedding. Here are things you should look for if you want a good wedding planner on your big day.

Do you want full or partial service? Most wedding planners, and this includes a Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG, would offer either full or partial service. With a full wedding planning service, the couple won’t have to lift a finger. The wedding planner will plan everything from start to finish, of course, with consultations with the bride and groom. The consultation would revolve around what they want for the wedding, what they don’t want for the wedding, how many guests will be arriving, and how much money they are willing to spend.

A wedding planner that offers partial service will be there on the day itself just to make sure that the bride is not doing things on her own, or telling her guests to work for her during the wedding. Some family members might offer a helping hand on the wedding itself, but it really is best to just let them enjoy your wedding. In general, a partial wedding planning service might save the couple a little bit more money, but most of the preliminary work will still be shouldered by them. So, in terms of looking for a more valuable package, full wedding planning services are still better.

Where were they trained? Because wedding planners are generally not regulated, almost anyone with experience in planning a wedding can pass him or herself off as a wedding planner. Don’t let photographs and “testimonials” fool you. Ask for a professional with ample events planning training. Your wedding is a very important day, and you do not want to trust amateurs when it comes to planning your wedding. About a thousand things can go wrong with an event that big, so it really is best to hire a Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG. All their wedding planners have undergone rigorous training before being allowed to handle any client’s wedding. You can also choose from a number of wedding planners by conducting interviews first before making your choice.

Can they work within your budget? It is very important for your wedding planner or coordinator to work within the budget that you gave them. When a wedding planner asks you to spend a little bit more just to get a “celebrity” wedding, then you are dealing with a bad wedding planner. It shows that s/he doesn’t have the capability to put you in contact with suppliers that can give you premium service on the day itself without making you go broke. With a Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG, you can hold a wedding that looks more expensive that what it actually costs.

Wedding Planner from DreamWedding SG will make sure that everything is organized and every detail attended to. A wedding planner will make sure your dream wedding will come true sans the headaches.