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Ideas for kids at weddings


Marriages and special celebrations are special occasions and therefore the guests and the hosts would like the best always. Kids can be both a delight and also a reason for chaos. Hence it is not surprising to see that many couples impose a blanket ban on kids and even specify it in the invitation cards. However, this does not mean that children are a strict no for all marriages. Before inviting them there are quite a few things that should be taken into account. There should be some avenues which would keep the children entertained, amused and occupied through the entire day. This would go a long way in reducing meltdowns, tantrums and other such things which could be embarrassing both for the guests and the hosts. Over the next few lines will have a look at a few important points that could help go through the event without problems.

Creating A Craft Table

Making arrangements for craft tables would be a great idea provided there are crayons, pencils and plenty of other such substances. It would be better to avoid paints which could damage costly clothes that children might be wearing. It would not be a bad idea to ask them to draw a picture of the wedding reception so that it could be kept as a memento.

Plan A Candy Corner

Planning a treats’ corner would be a great idea but care should be taken that it is not filled with all sorts of high calories sweets. It would be ideal to stock it with fruits, juices and some healthy forms of sweets. It could be a great way to keep the kids engaged and even the grownups can try it out if they wish to.

What About Games Station

Planning a games station is not very expensive and unaffordable but it could go a long way in keeping the children engaged. There are plenty of games to choose games including some of the best board games, charity shop finds, tiddly winks, playing cards just to name a few. Going through a brainstorming session could certainly throw out more ideas.

Special Wedding Entertainment Corner For Children

There certainly will be a lull in proceedings and this could lead to boredom creeping into children. This can be avoided by opting for a kids’ entertainer. They are wonderful and considered to be one of the best ways to keep the little one happy. It would also help them to burn off a bit of their restless energy. Some well thought out activities and party games could be planned.

Dining Areas For Kids

A great way to make kids feel special is to try and create a space for dining area that could be exclusively called theirs. It could be intelligently built with kid-sized tables and chairs with the best of colorful settings being put in place. Menu could be carefully chosen keeping their specific needs and requirements in mind. Instead of letting the little ones sit and eat with their parents, allowing the liberty to eat and enjoy with their young ones could be a great idea. Fresh lemonade or some juices could also be thought of.