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Jazz up your wedding with live music

about-banner-1Having live music at your wedding can really help to make the day feel extra special and to set the atmosphere for your family and guests.

Many couples opt for a DJ in the evening due to the range of songs that they can cover to please the entire age range of your guests. But there’s a growing trend in having live musicians performing when your guests are arriving at the reception venue after the ceremony.

This is the perfect opportunity for a pianist or small jazz trio to play for a couple of hours to fill the room with soft music whilst your guests are sipping champagne and eating canapés. They won’t be too overpowering and will allow your guests to talk amongst themselves, whilst the band fills any awkward silences.

It is best to pick a background band without a vocalist, as this will help to avoid clashing with your guest’s conversations. It will also assist in keeping the volume low, as the band will not need a PA system and setup time is greatly reduced. Remember that the band is there to provide a low level of music rather than take over the party!

As a good example, we found this Devon Jazz Band in the UK who fit the bill perfectly. They play a variety of jazz from the 1920s to modern day and even mix chart pop songs into their sets – making sure that the younger guests can recognize tunes. The band has performed for celebrity chefs, but the majority of their time is spent playing at weddings throughout the UK.