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Korean Style Wedding Needs Artistic Conception

kissweddingTo shoot a nice Korean style wedding photo shoot, you need to have skill. As long as the Han-style wedding photo shoot on some of the points, you can make a lot of creativity of Korean style wedding.

Korean style wedding practice tips: action review

Words shoot the wedding Kiss timing in terms of when to get hold of, who says that wedding photos just to watch the bride, inside this groom’s actions is extremely good looking, a wife must supervise her husband to practice. Tend to be like the degree of non-Kiss Kiss is most felt, after all, the Korean style wedding photos taken a beautiful line, do not jerk of a passionate kiss, or face is too tight, it will affect the couple’s faces in the photo angle.

Basic relative hugging has become outdated, how to hold a feature, make their wedding special, also requires a certain amount of creativity, first featured in the Korean style wedding held under law. Since it is the job of embracing the sweet, it must not be stingy with your smile, Oh, embrace is an animated action, the photographer needs to capture your most beautiful moments, so action should be maintained for some time, keep in mind the actions so rigid it looked like courtesy of hugging strangers.

Korean style wedding practice tips II: items articles
Stairs are a good thing Wow, either spiral staircase, or a ladder, so long as proper framing, you can take beautiful pictures. Korean style wedding is very important in the selection of stair, Qingdao Shen LAN proposed selection of exquisite wedding photography studio or simple atmospheric stairs, element selection is best brushed on the stairs and wooden stairs, the warm feeling that best reflects the Interior photos.

2. mirrors
Mirror doing props best for bride one and twist style, can also create a different feel and atmosphere. Mirror bride seems to reflect the bride’s more mellow temperament. No significant limitations on the choice of the mirror, as long as the mirror designs simple, too complicated mirror but will take some of the focus on the bride’s eye, big mirror for vision, such comparisons depend on inverse pendulum pose the bride of pressures especially bride dress and appearance, this framing the bride needs to take into account the appearance of performance is OK.

Talk’s petals is a very useful thing, used to create an atmosphere or icing on the cake are terrific. Korean wedding this wedding photo shoot only aesthetic. Petals rained is Korean style wedding photos create a sense of happiness in the most important tools that weddings should pay attention to the moments, photos show the newcomers out of the natural look, rain quantity is very important to control the petals, new sub a few overhead, in case the float to new faces, effect photo effect, instead of four weeks more. Remember not to pursue quantity, led photo effects do not add.
Wife, and generally is in a wedding dress. For the husband can be a little different, usually are suits and leather shoes. But some like most fashion-challenged young people prefer not to dress up. Casual sportswear line of jeans and a pair of classic new balance will bring movement to the whole wedding. Of course you can be a tough guy attire, like the stars in drama, can appear at any time in the wife’s side.

Korean style wedding photo shoot is the mood, as long as we have these shooting points, you can also make the aesthetic artistic conception of the supernatural.