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Looking for a great engagement, shower or wedding gift?

It’s wedding season! Looking for the perfect engagement, shower or wedding gift? Check out totDOT, “The Original Family Planning Indicator.” This is a great way to keep your friends and family apprised of your baby status without having to say a word.   totDOT’s colored beads or “DOTs” reflect where you are in your family planning, to express whether you want a tot, or not. Each box set comes with either a pendant, bracelet charm or purse clip, and includes all six “DOTs.” By wearing the purple DOT, engaged women and newly weds will not have to continuously answer when they are going to have a baby. They can tell their loved ones they want kids “one day” and to look out for the yellow DOT. By wearing the yellow DOT, it will let their anxious loved ones know that they are not Logo_updated_IPyet pregnant, but they are trying. Then when they are expecting, they will wear the green DOT to convey: a baby is on the way! There are also pink and blue DOTs, for a fun gender reveal. If, however, children or more children are not in the family planning game plan, just wear the “crystal DOT” to show you are happy with life as you know it.

Having a baby can be a very exciting time, but at times a very emotional and exhausting one as well. totDOT is perfect for all family planning situations: joyous or difficult. It can prevent unwanted inquiries, avoid awkward situations, or share your good news! totDOTs are available online at: Happy shopping!