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Options when organising your wedding catering

The Importance of Wedding Meals

If you’re busy planning a wedding, be sure to make food a priority. Great food is a major component of any successful wedding, after all. This is why it’s so important to select a reputable catering company that will make the dining part of your big day go off without a hitch. Note that many wedding venues also offer their own catering services. If you want to make planning your wedding as streamlined and hassle-free as possible, it may be a smart idea to opt for a venue that can help out in the food department.

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Plated Sit-Down Meals

Planning a wedding reception meal involves several different considerations. You can opt for plated sit-down meals, for one. If you want a formal vibe to your wedding, plated meals can be extremely effective. If you opt for plated meals, your guests will all be given three separate courses: appetizers, entries and finally dessert.

Buffets and Food Stations

If you’re looking for a more casual, laid-back and spirited vibe to your wedding, you can opt for buffet services or food stations instead of plated meals, however. These catering options are generally significantly cheaper than plated meals — they don’t call for the presence of as many servers. Buffet services and food stations also give guests more choices in foods to eat — a definite plus. These can range from anything from a hog roast, mixed buffet, platter or even pizza catering, these can also be tailored around the theme of your wedding.

Wedding Reception Menus

Catering options aren’t the only important consideration for wedding meal planning, either — far from it. The actual menu is also a major factor. Many people plan their wedding catering menus based on their own favourite foods. Many people also plan their wedding menus based on the food preferences of their guests. If you and your significant other are big fans of delectable Italian classics, then you might want to hire a catering company that specializes in popular dishes from Italy. If you, your family and friends are all big on meat eating, you might want to hire a hog roast catering company. If there are many vegetarians on your guest list, be sure to work with a catering company that can accommodate their dietary needs, as well. The last thing you want is for your vegetarian friends to show up to your wedding only to have absolutely nothing they can eat available. Many wedding catering companies also provide many diverse choices in gluten-free foods.

Ample Preparation

If you plan your wedding’s catering well in advance, the process should go smoothly. Remember, the food at your wedding is not something to take lightly. It’s a big part of the festivities.