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Reasons Why Singapore Is a Top Destination for Marriage Proposals

Sealing a lifetime of companionship and commitment is a task that is feared by most men. This is because of the fact that they are afraid to be rejected by the love of their life. To lessen their negative feeling, men are advised to bring out their best in their proposals. This way, the woman will feel the sincerity and the willingness of the man to offer his life and all that he is to the woman who will be his lifetime partner. In fulfilling this task, go beyond the usual beach or restaurant setting when proposing. Go out of the country. When choosing which country to go to, consider Singapore. Why? Four reasons are given below to justify the significance of Singapore as a proposal hub.

Ingenuity. In terms of land area, Singapore is truly one of the smallest nations in Asia. Yet, the city-state is home to the most unique locations, either natural or man-made, that can be used as site of a wedding proposal. The Marina Bay Sands is one of the recommended man-made locations where males can bring their girlfriends for an unforgettable proposal. This practice has actually been done many times in the past through flash mob proposals or projected “Will You Marry Me?” signs on large LED panels.

Accessibility. Singapore can be easily reached through the state-of-the-art Changi airport which permits international plane landings. From this airport, tourists can get to all the other favorite destinations in less than an hour or so through public transportation. Given the ease of transportation that Singapore offers, males often find it convenient to invite their girlfriends for a weekend getaway in Singapore in order to fulfill their planned proposal. This is truly more feasible than scheduling a romantic trip to Europe or Americas, an event that could hamper the couple’s busy work schedule.

Amenities. Aside from the premier locations, boyfriends love the idea of Singapore having numerous amenities which can aid them in their proposals. For one, the best signage companies in Asia can be found in Singapore. These establishments can help the guys in creating decorative romantic signage that can be used to pop the dreaded question. Limousine services in Singapore can also be availed at affordable prices. By using a limousine, the couple can enjoy a private tour around the city while sharing a sumptuous meal. At this point, the man can surprise his girl with the ring which is expected to be answered with a booming “Yes!”

Affordability. Although Singapore is indeed a first-world country, numerous tour packages are offered to foreign nationals for a two or three-day trip in the city-state. These tour packages are mostly available all year-round so the men can have ample time in planning and securing the packages. Offices that administer these tours are also very cooperative whenever clients wish for the secrecy of the transactions. This is very beneficial for the males who want to surprise their girlfriends with their planned proposal trip.

Singapore is not only an emerging site of international business conventions and meetings; it is also becoming a popular romantic spot for males who want to ask the hand of their partners for a lifetime of commitment. While many other couples settle for simple proposals, most men nowadays prefer to surprise their girls with a proposal in a limousine taxi service, flash mob or a hearty dinner by the beach. Surely, Singapore can accommodate any kind of proposal that a man has planned for his girl.