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Save on your wedding & honeymoon accommodations

wedding savingsWhile we would all love to spend lavishly on our wedding, honeymoon or even a weekend getaway, the reality is that most of us have mortgages, saving accounts and a job to worry about. A new startup,, launched its desktop and tablet based webapp that is helping couples find better deals on weekend getaways through its flexible search engine.

Instead of searching for particular dates of the week, TrekMana’s search engine takes in a period defined by you (say the next 3 weeks) and the days of the week you want to find hotels In (e.g the weekend). It then finds the cheapest dates (in this case the weekends) that each hotel lies on. You can also search for the cheapest stay (regardless of days).

With new technology entering the travel industry every day, TrekMana is just one short step to help you guys save money for your romantic getaways. It also features a briefcase technology that lets you save hotels and rooms and let you search them later on. This is great if you have a few hotels in mind that you are really interested in. Instead of going through a whole list, you can simply find what days they’re the cheapest on.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you and your significant other and will let you enjoy a weekend in a romantic hotel on the beach without selling your house!