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Something Borrowed Something New: A Different Take on Engagement Rings

More and more people are bucking the old fairy tales, and making thrilling romances of their own. We see all kinds of fresh wedding ideas these days: everything from choreographed walks down the aisle to a GoPro strapped to a whiskey bottle at the reception. But has there been a remix of the most personal aspect of the wedding, you know…the ring? The answer is a resounding yes.


The diamond is as classic as him pretending to tie his shoes to get down on one knee. For those who want that connection to tradition but want to add a more natural feel uncut diamonds have become quite popular. Just as permanent and dazzling as a finely crafted gem, an uncut diamond offers the inimitable beauty of nature. Often set in elegant bands, uncut diamonds sometimes lend their unique rough shapes to a more flowing organic ring.

Colors are another delightful member of the non traditional engagement ring crew. Rubies, emeralds, opals, and pearls of all shades have used a to help pop the question. There’s no denying a diamond’s sparkle, but not everyone is looking for a clear gem. A shimmering opal is a great way to ask your sweetheart the most important question. And what woman with moxie could say no to a fiery ruby?

Merging the worlds of natural looks and great colors are wooden engagement rings. Northwood Rings is a company that makes the most impressive wooden engagement rings we’ve seen, and they do it with a conscience too. Wood is one the most elegant, yet purposeful materials in history. It builds houses and foundations, and accents our finest furniture, tools, and luxury cars. A wooden ring is an instant connection to nature, and also to a time when people worked hard with their hands.

A Northwood Ring made from English Oak has a rich dark look and comes naturally imbued with all the history of the English countryside. The incredibly rare bird’s eye birch is a true treasure of nature that says so much about chance, circumstance, and luck. And a Koa ring inlaid with ethically collected coral has all the strength and majesty of the sea.

Teak, Bubinga, English Oak, Indian Rosewood, these are the look of refined elegance, and also the look of endangered species. Northwood has come up with a great way to provide elegance while also respecting resources. All of the rings from Northwood are made of reclaimed wood, which means it first had another life as something else like a guitar or a magnificent piece of hand carved furniture.

It’s your love, it’s your story, honor the old traditions as you see fit, and create some of your own. An engagement ring that tells your story is more important than any price tag or brand name. Find your connection to your partner, and to the world you both are about to share. With so many magnificent options, there is a non-traditional engagement ring out there for everyone.