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The Five Coolest Wedding Venues in Minnesota

Okay, we admit that this topic is crazy specific. We know that there are millions of people in the U.S. who aren’t fortunate enough to live in the great state of Minnesota. But you can find a list of cool wedding venues in California or New York anywhere. For those of us who live in the land of 10,000 lakes, here are some fantastic wedding venues. For everyone else–drop by and check us out! Maybe a destination wedding is in the cards.

The Southern Theater, Minneapolis

There are plenty of beautiful old theaters in Minneapolis that have been restored to their former glory. What makes the Southern special is that it very specifically and aesthetically has not been restored. The whole place is in a state of elegant ruin (though all the electrical and lighting are modern and up to code). It’s like having your wedding in a picturesque post-apocalyptic setting; truly striking and overwhelmingly romantic. Great for drama kids who loved The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

The Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth

From the outside, the old Lake Superior Railway Depot looks a bit like a medieval castle, all domes and turrets. Inside, there’s a cavernous space for your reception. Then go down a flight of stairs and see where the ceremonies take place: on an old railway platform between two vintage trains. It’s huge and echo-y and absolutely full of memories. Plus, there are at least five hotels within walking distance of the museum, all of them featuring dynamite views across Lake Superior. If you love trains and travel, it’s a fantastic destination.

Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul

This huge glass structure full of greenery is one of the most romantic wedding spots we’ve ever seen. Especially for a night-time, winter wedding–your guests arrive bundled up from the cold, only to step into gentle spring-time temperatures, surrounded by green and growing things, bathed in the gentle glow of white lights. If you want to have an indoor wedding that feels like an outdoor wedding, this is a fantastic venue. Plus, you can get special permission to use wedding sparklers in the conservatory for a small additional fee.

Lake Harriet Band-Shell, Minneapolis

For a big outdoor wedding, the band-shell and its amphitheater are a great choice. You can say your vows under the arch with a stunning view of the lake behind you, nestled like a jewel in the crown of downtown Minneapolis. The bride and groom can leave the ceremony by pedal boat. It’s perfect for a summer wedding or even early fall, when you’ll be surrounded by a riot of red and orange from the changing leaves.

Carlson Center, Minnetonka

The Carlson Company has a huge campus in Minnetonka. There are two copper skyscrapers, and in between there’s a vast lobby decked out in brass, glass, and marble. You can choose to be married in the central atrium, surrounded by elegance, or out on the velvet-green lawns around their private lake (complete with fountain and lightshow). What we’re trying to get at here is the Carlson is unbelievably swanky, perfect for a large wedding.

So if you live in Minnesota, consider giving one of these five great wedding venues a try. And if you don’t live in Minnesota, we’re not judging you–but we do feel a little sorry for you.