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Things to Consider when having your Wedding Photography Done in Singapore


Singapore has become one of the best spots to hold one’s wedding, thanks to a conglomerate of excellent event planners, venues, caterers, and photographers that specialize in weddings. However, there are a few things every couple must ask before hiring a wedding photographer.

What is the photographer’s style? Photographers will always have a trademark style. Are you going for a humorous documentation of your special day? Does the photographer like portraying weddings with a focus on the bride? Is his or her style dreamy or very realistic? Will this style match your wedding’s theme and your personality? Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore can provide you with an excellent team of photographers, but it always pays to look into their catalogue to check out their style just the same.

How experienced is the photographer and how many are they in the team? In the case of Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore, you get to choose packages. The bigger the package, the more detailed your wedding photography will be, but this can also mean that you will have more photographers attending the wedding. This is an important question to ask because you also feed your suppliers during the wedding, and it can affect the cost of your wedding.

Is the photographer specializing in weddings? While it’s nice to have a photographer who is quite diverse in his practice, it is still better to hire someone who specializes in weddings in particular. This means that the photographer is most likely familiar with the other suppliers during the wedding, and s/he could easily work with them on the day itself. This also means that your photographer is familiar with about 100 things that could go wrong during the wedding, and the photographer could easily adjust to the situation.

Is the photographer booked for another event that weekend? The more events the wedding photographer is booked in during that weekends, the less time and attention the photographer would have at your wedding. Be wary of photographers who tend to overbook themselves. It is your right to demand that your photographer be exclusively booked for your event at least on the day itself. This way, you won’t have to worry about the photographer being late for your wedding, or leaving early for the other event.

What equipment will be used during the photography session? Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore offers plenty of equipment which can be used by their team, depending on the package. This equipment generally makes the photos look better. However, much of the appearance of the photos will depend on the mastery of the photographer’s skills, and not on the equipment alone. Just the same, this is a good thing to ask your assigned photographer as some venues do not allow the use of equipment. If they do, they might charge you more for each item that is plugged in to their power source. It might be a good idea for you to ask the wedding photographer, and if the contract covers these surprise expenses.

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