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Tips for choosing the best wedding stationary


Wedding season is the time of year that the Post Office sees literally hundreds of thousands of save-the-dates, wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Unfortunately, not all of the invitations and their envelopes are created equal. Some are a little too big, some are a little too small and some have a bit of extra frill that makes them unsuited for the machines at the post office to automatically process. If they can’t be run through the machine, they need to be hand-stamped, which costs a little extra, so take that into your wedding stationary budgeting.


allisonjames1. Keep the inclusions to a minimum. All that is required is an invitation and a card for the guest to return to indicate they will be intending (and even the RSVP cards are negotiable). It’s increasingly common to have all of your wedding details on a wedding website, – and many of those are free!

2. Select standard-sized invitations and envelopes. They can be any color and in any material you prefer, but this size allows them to be run through the machines at a significant savings.

3. Choose an invitation style that lies flat. Any style with a raised detail increases the risk that the envelopes will be too thick and will require extra postage.

4. Before you even think about sealing the envelope and pressing on a wedding-themed stamp, take one complete invitation to your local Post Office. Make sure it’s got everything inside that you plan to send in each envelope. Have it measured and weighed. They’ll be happy to help you, and you’ll save yourself a tremendous amount of heartache.

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