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Tips for choosing your wedding photography package

As an Adelaide wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed many weddings and had the privilege of spending time with fun, charming and gorgeous bridal parties. But nothing beats the feeling when a couple shares their gratitude of the way you’ve told their stories through images.

Couples that are happy with their wedding photographer find it is because of what they have been able to capture. Provided you are hiring a high quality photographer and not Uncle Bob with a fancy camera, you are already halfway to getting the wedding photos that you dream of. Ensuring you capture it all isn’t up to the photographer – but you – because you decide how long you want them around on your wedding day!

Adelaideweddingphotographersphotos_010At Jade Norwood Photography, our wedding photographer packages cover anywhere from 6-12 hours coverage but recommended at least 8. The best way to tell a wedding album story is to include images of the whole day, not just the ceremony , reception and bridal party. Photograph the fun of getting ready in the morning, the guys working out their ties, and the dance floor action! These things happen outside the typical 8-hour timeframe –if you have the photographer arrive at 12 before your 2pm ceremony, their coverage finishes at 8pm before you’ve had speeches or your first dance as husband and wife. These are vital moments to capture – despite being in front of a crowd there is something about the first dance that has the newlyweds completely lost in each other – these photos are magic.

When looking at your wedding photographers, first look at what you want to capture in the day, and then look for the corresponding package. Determine it’s monetary value last. Then you know you’re getting what you truly want and value.