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Tips On All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Weddings in Singapore can be very expensive, and vendors can be difficult to work with. Some extract a large price for their services. At Kelly’s Bridals we believe that weddings should not cost so much that couples become mired in debt after their wedding day.

Kelly’s Bridals provides all-inclusive, affordable wedding packages to the Singapore market. These packages include wedding makeup, photography and gown rentals. We offer packages for pre-wedding photography shoots, solemnisation and wedding day too.

We have nearly a decade of experience in makeup for the fashion and entertainment industry, with a reputation for providing quality makeup for models and stars. Now, Kelly’s Bridals brings these glamorous makeovers to brides-to-be. We believe in our light approach to makeup, which allows our brides to achieve that natural and yet contoured look. Many of our packages come with trial sessions, in which you can plan your ideal look for the wedding day.

The bespoke gown service of Kelly’s Bridals allows you to make a beautiful make to measure wedding gown exactly to specification, with the option to rent or buy. If you’ve seen a wedding gown somewhere you like, you can make a similar dress at a fraction of the cost with us. Our immaculately made gowns can be made for any occasion and we will be happy to fulfill your particular desires.

Wedding packages at Kelly’s Bridals are competitively priced, and yet fully featured. While other studios take a secretive approach to pricing their products, our package prices are always available on the web, offering you a price guarantee at the time of purchase.