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Tips When Choosing Outdoor Furniture for That Great Outdoor Wedding

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events which require scrupulous planning and execution. Aside from the gowns and venues, the furniture that will be used during the event is also of equal importance. Most especially for those who will be holding their weddings outdoors or lunch/dinner reception. Because of this, five tips are mentioned below to guide couples and event planners in selecting the best outdoor furniture that will complement the wedding’s motif.

  1. Event planning. The furniture that will be used during the actual wedding event and the reception should be chosen in such a way that it will compliment the motif of the wedding. Such complementation can only be achieved if the wedding itself is planned very well. For example, the bride and groom together with their wedding consultant must have discussed meticulously the details of the flower bouquets, the garden decorations and even the intricacies of the entourage’s gowns. Only after these minute details are cleared will the discussion regarding the wedding furniture be harmoniously be tackled. Also, the couple must have envisioned the kind of furniture that they prefer to be used in their wedding, whether it is wicker, bamboo or hard wood.
  1. Scan local shops. After wedding planning, the couple with their organizers can look for furniture shops in their vicinity that sell outdoor furniture. Many outdoor furniture shops are located in popular shopping malls or streetside shops. However, many furniture fanatics also attest to the quality and exquisite designs of outdoor furniture that are sold in rural shops outside a country’s metropolis.
  1. Align the motif with the supply. Once planning and scanning are finished, then this would be the time for the couple and the organizing team to align their motif with the available supplies. It would be easier for the team to buy outdoor furniture if they have already matched a specific local product with the general theme of the event. In this regard, tables, stool, chairs and desks can be used to further accentuate the outdoor wedding venue. For the reception, wooden table napkins and decorative flower vases which are also sold in furniture shops can be purchased to beautify the wedding ensemble.
  1. Venue provisions. Venues for garden weddings and receptions have in-house furniture which can be made available for the couple during their wedding. Knowing this, the organizing team will only have to discuss with the venue owners regarding the rental of these materials. Popular beach wedding destinations also offer customization of couple chairs and tables in order to better fit with the motif and design of the wedding.
  1. Imported furniture. Singapore outdoor furniture is truly one of the best in the region. However, there are still times when the furniture pieces that the couple wants are not available in the entire city-state. At this point, the couple can then contact foreign suppliers who can help them locate and purchase the materials that they like. Singapore’s neighboring countries offer durable and stylish materials which are sold at affordable prices.