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Wedding Bands vs. Wedding DJs – Which Works Best?

There is no rule book when it comes to yours and your partner’s big day. Hence, whether to opt for a wedding band or DJ (or both) is a matter of personal preference; that said, without a rule book or at least a guide couples can feel swamped with choice, especially when whether to go for a band or DJ is only one decision of many, as is the case when planning a wedding. With that in mind, if you and your partner are currently planning your wedding, you might want to consider the following:

Why Book a Wedding Band?

The type of wedding, theme of that wedding and the personal and intimate preferences of you and your partner are the major deciding factors in whether you both opt to enlist the addition of a wedding band. Live music can add a real special touch to that walk down the aisle, reception or after do at any wedding. Equally, a classic quartet can add a real stroke of elegance to a more traditional British wedding, whilst a good old rock’n’roll four-piece can similarly provide a more alternative big day after party with a raucous and exciting means of celebrating your new life together.

There are a whole host of far less romantic considerations to factor in though when deciding between a band and DJ. For example, venue size needs to be considered. Whilst most wedding venues allow space for a DJ booth to be set up, a band can require far more space to play and set up instruments and equipment. The cost of hiring a band over a DJ also needs careful consideration.

Why Hire a Bid Day DJ?

By far the most cost effective and popular form of wedding entertainment, a wedding DJ is by many an expected feature at a wedding. The fact is, opting to enlist the expertise of a wedding DJ is not just a financially savvy choice; the surest way to please everyone and cater to every guest’s musical tastes is to opt for a DJ. A DJ is afforded the luxury of playing a wide range of music from a limitless list of genres. In fact, their job entails seamlessly doing exactly that which means that opting for a DJ is a real people pleaser at a large wedding or one which requires pleasing and celebrating the union of two often very different families.

That said, couples who opt to hire a DJ for their big day in doing so face a similarly long list of further decisions when it comes to discussing song choices for entrances, first dances and set lists. Hence, seeking the advice and perhaps the help and guidance from experts such as Mydeejay can prove invaluable. Mydeejay are an agency who communicate at length with clients to match them up with a wedding DJ from their own and vast catalogue of vetted DJs in order to provide couples with exactly what they want at a price they can afford. To learn more about how Mydeejay operate, what they do and help decide once-and-for-all whether the DJ route is the route for you and your partner, visit the Mydeejay website.

Why Not Opt for Both?

The best of both worlds, hiring both a DJ and band can mean having to stretch that entertainment budget as well as involving extra time and effort to find a band and DJ, instead of either or. Hence, with a wealth of bands and DJs, genres and options to choose between, if you have already made the decision to book a band and DJ, it is advisable to see the expertise of an entertainment and live music agency such as Band Hire UK.

Providing structure to your search and some real stress relief to searching for that perfect band, an entertainment booking agency further provides clients with a level of security. Bands and DJs who opt to advertise via a music and entertainment agency typically must meet criteria that evaluates the quality of both their music and their professionalism in terms of providing a service. Further, through booking through an agency, would-be-weds are also far better protected against potential calamity as band hire agencies can assist with drawing up contracts and liaise with bands, DJs and you and your partner to help ensure your big day goes without hitch.