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Wedding Photography Mistakes

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The majority of couples don’t have any experience when it comes to hiring or working with wedding photographers. Unfortunately, this lack of experience can cause unnecessary hassles, problems on the big day and even leads to getting wedding photos they’re not happy with. The following common wedding photography mistakes will you avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Using Price as the Key Consideration
One of the most common mistakes couples make is using price as the main factor in selecting their wedding photographer. Even though price is important, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, quality matters the most when you’re planning for a celebration as significant as your wedding. Even if your budget is tight, you’ll be much better off choosing a scaled down wedding photography package from an experience photographer than having a friend take your pictures or hiring reduced rate photographer that will give you a hundreds of low quality images.

Not putting enough thought into scheduling a photographer, or anything else for that matter when it comes to planning a wedding, is another common mistake. It’s imperative that you put together a realistic timeline and do your best to stick to it. It’s rare that wedding plans play out exactly as planned, so anticipate and plan for a hassle or two along the way. The most effective way to make sure that small complications won’t throw off your schedule is to allow a bit more time for every task and function than you think it might take. Consequently, if unexpected setbacks take place, you’ll have a bit of a safety net. Scheduling is important when it comes to a great photographer too. Because they’re typically booked a year out.

Inexperience Leads to Mediocre Photos
Experienced wedding photographers are as passionate about providing their clients exceptional wedding photos, as you are about having great photos taken. If you hire an amateur they won’t be able to make the best choices regarding seeing your best side, capturing special moments or choosing the best settings at the venue.

Not Having a Second Photographer
In order to save money, or because they feel that having two might be too obtrusive, some brides and grooms only hire one photographer to be present on their special day. The important thing to keep in mind is that a professional photographer knows how to be unobtrusive. A second photographer will also provide a unique point of view of your wedding, well worth the minimal amount of money is would cost to hire them.

Not Designating Someone to Help Organize Guests
This is often overlooked, which can cause confusion when it comes to capturing wedding photos of guests. Assign somebody that you trust and that knows your friends and family to be in charge of coordinating guests for portraits. It will keep things moving quickly and smoothly and you’ll end up with great photos of everyone you love.

Skipping the Engagement Party Photos
Having an engagement photography session gives the bride and groom a chance to feel confident in from the camera, get to know their photographer and yes, have fun doing it in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Not Getting to Know the Photographer Before You Choose Them
Besides having a telephone conversation, meet the photographer in person and make sure that you get along. There’s nothing worse than finding out too late that your personalities clash, which could ruin what should be an exciting experience for you.

You’ll find that great Fairfield County wedding photographer is as interested in taking perfect photographs as you are about having them. You’ll also find that they’re more than happy to help you make the best choices for your special day.