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Wedding planning made easy with Wedding Tasker

Wedding Tasker is the go to place for a bride’s premier vendor selection in just a click of button at Planning your wedding has become a lot easier, made with your wedding insecurities in our thoughts, convenience as our motivator, and creating a dream wedding as our goal.

Brides are already tasked with the worry of their BIG day and every aspect of their ceremony from the dress to the guest list. We have now alleviated the process of searching for vendors, which can encompass the bulk of your planning time. With Wedding Tasker all you have to now is post your task, whether you’re looking for photographer within a budget or fabulous transportation at the last minute, your vendor will find you.

Unlike like any other Wedding planning tool, person, or website we are geared toward making the wedding experience of our clients a memory that they can pass on for ages. Most sites give a directory or will point you in the right direction still leaving brides with many steps before reaching the final close on each vendor industry.

Wedding Tasker removes the many steps in the middle for each bride by already having a relationship with vendors.  All that bride has to do is post a task, the vendor will review and bid on the task based on what they are able to provide. Once the brides selects her perfect vendor,  the bride and vendor collaborate about the need, make a payments, and like magic that bride has now secured that vendor.

The ancient methods of connecting and contacting vendors with the worry of dependability and skill have now been improved with this premier wedding community. Vendors are vetted by the Wedding Tasker team and our community of brides to ensure that the services rendered are just fabulous. Wedding Tasker is the best choice of the millennium, traditional, and creative brides where your focus is our goal to making your day better than the best.