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Wedding Rings and Weight Gain – A Constant Battle

Colston and Andrea are a typical Toronto couple who were married 10 years and 20 pounds ago. When they picked out wedding rings at, the rings were sized according to their ring fingers at the time of their marriage. Little did they know that the weight gain married couples face in the years after marriage would show up everywhere – including their fingers. Ten years later they found their rings were getting a little tight. So what did they do? They stopped wearing them.

This is a pretty common scenario that jewelers run into all the time. The good news is that weight gain does not need to prevent you from wearing your wedding rings if these are made of gold or silver. A competent jeweler can easily resize both types of rings. There are two ways to do it:

Stretching – The first way to increase the size of a gold or silver ring is to just stretch it. Obviously, stretching results in a thinner band with every size you increase. A band that is sized up multiple times can eventually crack or be thin enough to start cutting your skin. You have to be careful with this.

Cutting – Another means of resizing silver and gold is to actually cut the band and then add more material before rejoining the two ends. The advantage of this method is that the ring can be resized multiple times, without making it any thinner. The downside is that it costs more than stretching.

Resizing wedding bands is for soft metals only. If you should choose titanium or stainless steel for example, resizing will not be an option. This is why jewelers typically recommend men go slightly larger on their titanium bands in anticipation of them gaining weight after marriage.

1855largeLosing Weight

You may be someone who actually loses weight after marriage rather than gaining. Moreover, just as you can gain weight in your fingers, you can lose it as well. Then what do you do? Losing enough weight could cause your rings to fall off every time you move. It is a recipe for disaster, especially for those who work with their hands. If your rings are gold or silver, have them resized.

Since titanium and stainless steel cannot be resized, the only option is to purchase ring sizers. What are ring sizers? These are small pieces of rubber or plastic tubing with a slit that allows them to be slipped around your wedding band. A sizer takes up that extra space between the band and your finger, allowing your rings to stay in place.

Avoid the Questions

Now that we have discussed weight loss and gain, you might be wondering why you should go to the bother to have your rings resized. There are a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important is to avoid the uncomfortable questions about your marriage relationship. Think of it this way: how would your friends react after noticing you had not worn your wedding ring for six months? In all likelihood, they would begin to wonder if your relationship was in trouble.

Your wedding ring is that outward symbol that you and your spouse are still together. By having your wedding rings resized, you put questions about your relationship to rest before they even arise. You will be able to proudly exclaim that you are still happily married regardless of whether you gain or lose weight.