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Wedding Rings for Men Buying Guide

With the wedding bells ringing, the bride would indulge herself in a shopping spree. However, one important and crucial purchase they would have to make is the wedding ring for their man. This is not an easy task, as they would not be having much idea about the type of ring that would be ideal for their partner. We bring to you a buying guide so that you can select the most suitable and best wedding ring for your men.

Know your man perfectly

To start with, before you start shopping for a wedding ring, you should have an idea about your man, such as his likings, choices and his personality type. This would greatly help you in selecting the most appropriate ring for your partner. Also, have a better understanding about the nature of his activities so that you can select the right material of which the ring is made of.

Choose the metal type

Rings are available in platinum, silver, palladium, titanium, zirconium, and in different purity levels of gold, along with a variation in the alloys used with gold. If your man participates in activities that might cause potential damage to the ring, it is recommended that you consider a metal that is highly durable, so that the ring stays safe. If no such activities are carried out, you may select the delicate and luxurious metals such as pure gold. Also, if you wish to go economical and want to change the ring few years down the line, you may settle for silver.

Select the style of the ring

The different variants available are plain, patterned, two toned and alternative. Based on his taste and liking, you may select the style of the ring appropriately. While choosing the style of the ring, make sure that the ring selected matches well with your own wedding ring, so that it would look perfectly good. The metal used, style of the ring, type of stone and the size of the ring should be in accordance with the other ring that would be used. Orla James offers a huge variety of plain, patterned, and alternative wedding rings for men in the UK.

Select the size carefully

Even when you have a word from the man about the size of the ring, it is better that you take a measurement again so that it would fit the finger perfectly. It is recommended that you have your man try the various sizes of rings available so that it would fit perfectly and no further alterations would be needed.

Decide on your budget

Wedding rings come in a wide range of price tags. There are basic ones available which would cost relatively lower and there are high-end and luxurious ones that would cost thousands of bucks too. Hence, it is up to you to decide on the price range before you start shortlisting rings as there would not be any further budget issues that might arise.

Having known these times, it is about time that you start shopping for wedding rings.