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What are the different wedding dress silhouettes?

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When you’re looking for a Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina, it is always a good idea to ask if they carry the bridal dress silhouette you are looking for. There are six basic types of silhouettes: the ball gown, a-line, modified a-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, tea length and mini. These silhouettes always look on a skinny model, but they don’t always compliment the bride’s body type. So the first step for any bride looking for wedding dresses in the Raleigh area is to identify her body type, and then to know more about these silhouettes so she will know which ones will flatter her figure the most.

Ball gown

The ball gown bridal silhouette is a classic cut. It looks good on any body type, especially for pears because the ballooning skirt hides bog bottoms while making the waist appear smaller than it is. If you are looking for plus size wedding dresses in Raleigh, this is a good silhouette to watch out for. This silhouette, however, is not a very good cut for petites as the full skirt can be overwhelming, and could make petites appear even smaller.


The A-line is also a fast favorite among brides because it is fit from the bust

Through the waist before flowing straight to the ground in an A-shape. While the skirt is not as big as the ball gown, this cut still accentuates the waist. This flatters almost any body type as long as the dress itself is of a good make. There are plenty of good dresses of this cut at the NY Bride of Raleigh.

Modified A-line

If you would like to show off a bit more than the A-line dress allows you to, the modified A-line might be your ideal bridal silhouette. The bodice of this cut is fitted up to the hips before the skirt falls on an A-line to the ground.


The trumpet fits through the body down to the mid-thigh area before it flutes A-line to the ground. It looks like a mix of both the A-line and the mermaid. While it can give the same slimming effect as the mermaid cut, it’s easier to move around in this dress. However, this dress is not for plus sizes or apples. This is best for slender frames who would like to take advantage of the height this dress adds.


The mermaid cut looks good on very slender frames as the bodice of this dress is fit from the bust to the mid-thigh section before falling straight to the ground. It’s a very tight cut which can also be worn by brides with hour glass bodies who would like to show off their curves.


This cut flows straight to the ground from the neckline and is best for petites and slender framed brides. This is not a good cut for apples and plus size brides.

Tea length

This is a special cut for brides that do not like wearing full length skirts. This is perfect for outdoor settings, or simply for brides who prefer to show off their legs. The skirt falls just below the knee at an A-line. It suits almost all body types.


This is a good cut for bananas, but not for plus sizes. If you are looking for the most diverse wedding dress shop in Raleigh, try the NY Bride boutique located at the Plaza Circle.

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