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What makes an Indian wedding a standout affair?

A wedding is Mecca of human emotions. The spiritual connection that the bride and the groom experience, emotional investment that their families make during the whole ceremony and the joyous times that people involved in this pristine ceremony relish, wedding day is indeed an event that is etch in the memories of everyone for years to come.

Then what is so special about an Indian wedding you ask? Well, in an Indian wedding this grand celebration turns into a colossal convivial delight.


Indian ethos and linage lay down the A to Z of a wedding setup. Wedding ceremonies reflect the religious and cultures aspects of the particular community. Days and sometimes months are devoted to gear up for a perfect big wedding day. Gregarious gathering which is signaled by “henna drawing” and ending with “Bidia” make quite a spectacle. It won’t be wrong to state that an Indian wedding, in totality, is nothing less than a festivity.

Exquisite and elaborate decoration, which is a cornucopia of traditional beliefs and in-vogue elements, makes the wedding extra special not just for spouses, but for everyone present at the event.


5DDD1145To capture and preserve cherished moments during a wedding, a professional Indian wedding photographer proves to be an icing on the cake. Thanks to his tenacious talent of reproducing the cultural and emotional essence of the wedding on pieces of paper, he is able to make your wedding album a truly memorable one.

His discerning eyes and a well-versed mind in cultural aspects of different religions in India, be it Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, moulds him to be patience during those long hours of traditional ceremonies. Also his knowledge of importance of various customs let him earmark the photographs with his personal touch turning them into a well-balanced blend of contemporary styles with retro-effects.

So larger-than-life decoration and perfect lens work checked! But the most important aspect of an Indian wedding is yet to be unveiled.


5DDD0857It is being said, particularity with respect to an Indian wedding, everything fades in the realms of the memories but the food that one partake of at a wedding sticks with the person for years to come. And this statement is followed with all heart and soul more often than you can think of! A real Indian wedding does not have the mainstream traditional dinner! It is all about making whoop and binge eating your way through the night when it comes to the food spread, be it the lunch, cocktail party or the dinner.

A slew of traditional recipes to placate the taste buds of hundred of guests, modern dishes to subject one’s palate to a burst of flavours… you get the drift!

This was just a sneak-peek into what an Indian wedding is all about and why it is so different from weddings in other cultures. Maybe someday you should visit (or crash! )one to bask in the excitement and glory of it!