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When to Walk Away from a Marquee Hire Company – Spotting Dodgy Dealers

It’s the kind of nightmare scenario nobody would choose to walk into were they given any say in the matter. Everything seems to be going just fine, when your chosen marquee company throws out the mother of all curveballs and in turn throws your entire event into jeopardy. From corporate events to wedding receptions to music performances and so on, you’d like to think that when it comes to reliability and professionalism, the marquee hire company you work with holds both in high regard.

Unfortunately however, this doesn’t always tend to be the case. According to the experts at, it is technically possible these days for anyone wishing to do so to purchase a job lot of worn, dated hardware and set up shop online as a ‘professional’ marquee hire company. Suffice to say, these are exactly the kinds of service providers that cannot be compared with those at the very top of the industry, for which flawlessness is the only acceptable standard.

So for those looking to cover all bases in advance and take priceless peace of mind as standard, here’s a quick guide to help determine when and where walking away may well be the best way to go:

1 – No Direct/Real-Time Communication

First of all, one of the most common characteristics of dodgy dealers among the industry is that of not being able to get directly in touch with them, try as you might. Every time you call, nobody is available.  Every time they promise to call you back, they don’t. And as for arranging meetings in person, forget about it.  If the only communication they seem to be able to offer comes by way of email or social media messaging, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this is not a professional service provider you are looking at. Avoiding direct/real-time communication is the oldest trick in the book for avoiding difficult questions and potential confrontations.

2 – Vague or Delayed Pricing

It’s also a similar story when it comes to pricing, as when you work with an experienced and professional service provider, there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be able to offer accurate quotations in an instant. After all, it’s their equipment that’s available and their services that are being offered, so why on earth should it take so much time for them to put together an initial quote?  The answer…it’s usually because those in question either do not have a clue what they are doing, or are actually middlemen taking your business and passing it on to others after jacking up the price for their own personal gain.

3 – No Apparent Business Address

As already mentioned, difficulties when trying to get in contact with the business represent an obvious telltale sign of a dodgy dealer.  But even without actually trying to get in touch directly, it is often possible to spot those who are best avoiding simply by taking notes of the business’ physical address. If no address is listed, it’s likely the business doesn’t exist. If the address listed is clearly residential, it could be some back bedroom operation established by an amateur. If on the other hand it’s clearly a registered business address, it’s far more likely it’s legit.

4 – Lack of Case Studies/Event Imagery

It’s incredibly easy for website designers to use (or steal) stock imagery to create a website that paints an extremely appealing picture of the business in question, even if it happens to be a misleading picture. As such, it’s important not to read too much into this kind of studio imagery, but rather to look a little deeper into the actual event imagery/portfolio of work on offer.  Suffice to say, in the cases of those with little to no experience or credibility, there will undoubtedly be a distinct lack of the latter.

5 – Feedback Questionable or Absent

Taking into account feedback and personal recommendations should be considered mandatory, before going ahead and booking any marquee hire services. When it comes to dodgy dealers, it’s usually possible to spot them a mile away as there will either be very little feedback to go on, or perhaps the kind of feedback that is clearly fabricated or doesn’t paint the most appealing picture.

6 – Unrealistic Promises

Last but not least, one of the most common tactics adopted by those of the rather negative end of the spectrum is to offer the kinds of ‘too good to be true’ deals that they simply cannot follow through with. If for example the industry’s leading providers all seem to be quoting around the £3,000 mark, anyone claiming to offer you the same service package for £300 clearly isn’t telling you the whole truth.