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Why booking a magician for your wedding is a great idea!

Booking entertainment for a wedding is rarely at the top of the priority list.

Sure, get your essentials; photographer, venue and suitable groom sorted but don’t forget – how you keep your guests entertained and amused during your special day goes a long way in changing it from an OK wedding to an OMG wedding!

Think back to the last wedding you attended, was there plenty of twiddling your thumbs and Candy Crush? By booking a great wedding magician for those down time moments, your guests need no longer reach for their mobile in hope of a thrill!

A professional magician will provide jaw dropping moments for your guests which not only provides talking points through out the day but also great opportunities for your photographer to capture.

When would you use a magician? There are three main points where hiring a wedding entertainer is beneficial:

During pre dinner drinks; whilst the Bride and Groom are taken away for their photos, let the magician bamboozle your guests whilst sipping champagne or age appropriate drink!

During the wedding breakfast: Hire a magician to visit each table in between courses. It’s a great ice breaker for those at the table who don’t know each other.

Evening reception: This is a classic down time moment at most weddings; straight after the meal whilst you wait for the evening party to get going. A magician will provide a much needed pick me up!

Entertaining with cards, coins, rings and things (!) hiring a wedding magician will ensure your wedding is talked about long after the cake has been eaten!