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4 Bridal Shower Planning Tips for You Special Day

A bridal shower is one of the most fun and highly anticipated events leading up to a wedding. Although a bridal shower is a fun way to celebrate the bride to be and couple, it can be stressful and overwhelming to plan. That’s why we have create a list of the top four bridal shower planning tips.

1.Incorporate Wedding Aesthetic

If you’re planning the bridal shower, chances are you’re close enough to the bride to know what the color scheme and overall aesthetic of her wedding are going to be. That being said, consider using that as the decoration basis for the bridal shower. In other words, if the wedding is going to have an overall floral theme that focuses on orange, red, and yellow, you should consider making the bridal shower also have an orange, red, and yellow floral theme.

2. Get Everyone to Bring Something

Let’s face it: between obtaining a venue, decorations, invitations, activities, and food and beverages, planning a party can be expensive however there are many bridal shower alternatives you can utilize. That’s why you might want to consider making the bridal shower a potluck in the sense that everyone brings a food or beverage item. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make any signature cocktails or provide some type of catering, but it does mean that you don’t have to assume responsibility for all of the food and beverages.

3. Play Games

While a bridal shower is ultimately a great social gathering, you should also plan some activities, so guests don’t stand around or get bored. Additionally, playing games is ultimately a cheap activity. For example, guests can participate in scavenger hunts, quiz games, and even competitive team games. Of course, these games are completely customizable, which is great because virtually everyone can use them for their bridal shower.

4. Don’t Forget Favors

Although it’s not a necessity, a favor is a nice touch to a bridal shower. Offering a party favor to guests demonstrates that you value their attendance and participation. Additionally, the party favor serves as a piece of memory for the bride to be.

There are a variety of party favor options, such as items that can be eaten, worn, made, or used. For example, you could make mason jars full of ingredients to make cookies at home, or you could include t-shirts or sandals that guests will be able to wear for years to come.

If you can’t settle on a specific item for your party favor, consider doing a small variety of each category. For example, you could make small gift baskets with a shirt, baking item, and beauty item. This is a great party favor option for people who have more time and a larger budget. Additionally, small gift baskets as party favors is the perfect option for smaller bridal showers that feature a group of tightly knit friends and family.

Regardless of the type of favors, decorations, games, and food you choose, consider hiring a professional party planner to help you execute the perfect bridal shower.

Ultimately, hiring a professional gives you peace of mind the bridal shower will flow smoothly and guests, most importantly the bride to be, will be entertained and satisfied with how the bridal shower turned out.