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5 Basic Wedding Photography tips

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You have spent weeks and probably even months to ensure that everything does perfect and problem-free for your upcoming wedding ceremony. You went to best lengths to find the excellent place for the matrimonial ceremony, the best weeding dress, reliable and great caterers and florists, a best venue for the reception and a very reputable expert wedding photographer. And since all of these vital elements and aspects are taken care of and “ready to go” for your wedding, it is now time for you to target on another important element as well: yourself.

As the bride on this momentous and special day, it is vital that you feel and look remarkable. Your full wedding will be captured in video and more vitally in images so you also have to take the time to get ready yourself on how you can and will look best up close and personal, in pictures and in film. After all, your wedding only comes once in a lifetime so you truly have to put in a lot of effort as well to ensure that you look stunning and charming in all your wedding images.

Below are some simple tips you can follow to ensure that you look remarkable in all your wedding images:

Remember this easy guide when you will be asked to post for an image: angle your body, relax your shoulders, focus your eyes on the gadget, and tip your chin slightly down. These general tips can support promise that you will be look remarkable in all the captured images the photographer will shoot.

Practice your poses and smiles prior to your wedding day. Take some time to practice your smiles and poses at home. Look at the mirror and practice posing for the images. Remember which angles support makes your face look more attractive and pretty, use or have these on at whatever time the expert photographer is snapping away. Aside from exercising in mirror front, you can also use your mobile phone, digital camera with lenses for canon 70d.

If you feel painful about showing off your upper arms, don’t draw focus to them by using some posing ideas. Just relax your upper arms and pose perfectly. By doing so, you will draw less focus to the arms.

If, you have a make-up retouching kit, give your sister or friend a touch-up kit that has all the important items: foundation powder, blush and face, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick. You need to look remarkable in all your wedding images so you have to always touch up and you can do easily do this if you have a fast access to a touch-up kit.

Play with lens distortion and lightweight tripod overview. Most photograph use go fast lenses or portrait lenses to target on an item, and use a big angle lens for sites and such. By using a high quality lens for a different use than its intended one, you will get an extremely actual photograph. Do not let this come your trend; learn when you use a real lens.