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5 Types of Incredibly Stylish Bridal Shoes

Wedding bouquet and bride shoes

Wedding bouquet and bride shoes

A wedding day to any bride is the biggest day of her entire life. This is the day she shows the world her better other part. Therefore, it is very important for everything from the location of her wedding, the décor, the gown, make up, and the shoes to be perfect. Remember it is your day as a bride and your comfort and style should be at the top of your priority list. The shoes worn will determine if you will be a happy bride or not. This is because you will not only need to be comfortable but look stylish and elegant as well. In this article, we are going to look at different types of incredibly stylish bridal shoes.

As a bride, before choosing a particular type of shoe, you need to bear in mind the following three key factors.

  1. How much can your budget afford to spare for the shoe

This way, you will be able to spend a considerable amount of money on your shoes. This is to avoid on cutting down other essential items for your wedding. It is important to choose a pair that will be not only stylish but affordable to you.

  1. The wedding event you have in mind

This will help you in ensuring the theme of your wedding matches with the shoe. The shoes need to match with the venue to ensure total comfort. Nothing is more discomfort able than having the wrong shoe on your event. You do not wish to be in heels on the beach for your wedding. Therefore be keen to choose a shoe that goes well with your choice of location.

  1. Your wedding dress

The shoe you intend to wear as a bride need to match perfectly with your dress. This way, your whole look will be organized and be the perfect bride in your own ceremony.

bridal shoesWith the above factors in mind, you are set to choose a bridal shoe for yourself. Below are five different types of incredible stylish bridal shoes to choose from.

  1. Pumps

If you choose to go the traditional way, nothing can beat the pumps. The shoe brings out your sense of elegance and style and can never go wrong with your wedding gown. Be sure to carry your pumps with you for the first dress fitting session to ensure that the shoe fits well with the dress. This is to ensure that any needed adjustments are made on your dress to be fit for the big day. You also need to practice on your heels a few days before your wedding day to get accustomed to them to ensure total comfort on that big day.

  1. Flats

These pair of shoe will provide you with great comfort on your wedding day. If you are going to do a lot of walking, standing and dancing, this is the right pair of shoes you need. A variety of the flats are available and you can choose a pair that compliments your sense of personality.

  1. Color

Bridal shoes need not be white anymore. In fact, many brides have ventured into bold colors for their big day. If you are bold enough, you can experiment a pair of bold colored shoes for the sass and fun of it. However, you should ensure that your shoes coordinate with the theme color of your wedding. This is to provide a smooth mix of the colors and provide something that will be remembered.

  1. Boots

Boots are not for the Wild West anymore. Boots have become part of the shoes brides choose to wear for their big day. You can choose white boots for your day or go for something a little bolder. The theme of your wedding will dictate the kind of a boot you can wear if you choose this type of bridal shoes.

  1. Sparkles

Oh yes, nothing is too bold for your big day as the bride. You can choose to be a little bit crazy with your shoes. Over the top sparkles on shoes is a great way to show off your style and feel great about what is on your feet. It is important however, to ensure that the sparkles match with your wedding dress.