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6 Great Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas


Balloons have always made people feel joyous, whimsical, and absolutely fun. It is a no-brainer that balloons are a perfect fit for wedding decorations of the modern times. Not only are they budget-friendly, balloons are also easy to recycle and clean up will never be a problem. They are the heaven-sent answer to brides that are allergic to flowers or pollens and they are never out of season.

With all the great rave when it comes to wedding balloons, here are a few great wedding balloon decoration ideas that are sure to be a great hit with the guests, as well as the couple’s wedding budget.

Highlight the Focal Point with a Balloon Arch

Have a long bridal party head table and worrying on how to decorate without making it too crowded? A balloon arch hanged over the table’s length is a great way to style the space while still allowing the bridal party to easily move in and out of their seats during speeches or when dancing. Mix in the right pop of color or accentuate the arch with the theme color of the wedding and make the table a standout focal point of the entire venue.

Line up the Aisle with Floating Giants

As a great substitute for flowers when opting to save on the decorations, use giant round balloons and tie them up to the pews or aisle seats. Make sure to lengthen the strings so that the other guests at the back can still have a clear view of the altar during the exchanging of vows.

Spell them out and proud

A big hit this season is the giant metallic letter balloons that bring in tons of creativity with them. Spell out the bride and the groom’s names or choose to have their initials for a more simple twist. Also, the couple can pick out a word that definitely stands out for them, like “forever”, “finally”, “I do”, and even “love” and have that spelled out as a backdrop for the photo booth or the dessert buffet table.

Make a Bold Statement Balloon Piece

Using different colors, sizes, and shapes of balloons, fill up an entire wall and have it as a backdrop for the altar. Maximize the design further and transport the balloon wall to the reception venue. Re-use it as a backdrop for the cake table or even part of the photo booth display – the possibilities are endless.

centrepiece-2Towering Table Centerpieces with Big Round Balloons

Tie 3 or 5 round balloons together and anchor it to a vase holding the table number for a more whimsical approach. Deck the arrangement up with metallic strings or vibrant ribbons to add in an extra touch of color.

Transform the Dance Floor into a Dreamy Wonderland

Go all out and fill the dance floor ceiling with floating helium-filled balloons. Guests will surely be stunned at how festive and classy the design feels and the balloons will never interfere with all the dancing and the merry-making. With the right lights and colors, this dreamy balloon ceiling will look amazing on photos as part of the newlyweds’ first dance.

A single balloon may seem too simple for a wedding party, but when clustered together with a dozen other more balloons it may just turn a small gathering into a memorable occasion.

Written by Catherine Harvey of Ideaz, West Yorkshire’s wedding balloon specialists with over 12 years’ experience at creating beautiful wedding décor.