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A Guide to the Ultimate Hipster Wedding

Since the dawn of suburbia, recent generations have been doomed to embrace the hipster culture. There are many ways that people define being a hipster ranging from wearing pastel colored fedoras to hating any type of music that most other people would agree is good. However, there is actually quite a lot of diversity among hipsters and they also follow many of the same traditions that the rest of America does. For instance, when two hipsters fall in love, they go through the same process of getting engaged and having a wedding that almost everyone else on the planet does. With that said, most hipsters don’t follow the normal wedding traditions that have been set forth by previous generations and enjoy putting their own spin on things. As a hipster, I have put together the ultimate guide to planning your wedding in true millennial style.

Wedding Rings

Traditionally, a gentleman would give his gal a nice diamond band that will interlock with another wedding band when the big day finally arrives. Since hipsters aren’t so trite and archaic in their practices, many couples seek out and find creative alternatives for their wedding rings. This can be anything from hand-forged rings purchased at your local renaissance fair to rings that you make yourself from duct tape or even wood. One of the most popular choices available commercially are rings that are made from recycled milk jugs because of the low carbon footprint, and I’ve even seen digital rings that are exchanged via smartphones. Whatever it is that makes your ring exchange uniquely yours, embrace it.

Wedding Theme

Historically, many hipsters are also what many people would consider nerds. I myself have a bad addiction to science fiction and fantasy such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. For our wedding, we’re actually planning a Game of Thrones theme complete with costumes, gaudy goblets for wine, and of course large turkey drumsticks. It may not be for everyone, but it will be a hipster wedding fit for a Targaryen.

Wedding Decorations

Depending on your wedding theme, your wedding decorations are going to vary quite a bit based on personal taste. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to have as many DIY projects throughout your wedding as possible, and also you should try to keep a minimalist attitude. The benchmark you should use when deciding if an item should be included in your wedding decorations is whether or not it will improve your guest’s experience or if it is purely aesthetic. You’re still going to want to have sparklers for your wedding reception but hanging ribbons or cray paper from the ceiling is both a waste of time and completely wasteful.

Replacing the Photographer

Since many hipsters love to embrace new technology, replacing your wedding photographer with your guest’s smartphone cameras is a popular choice. Sharing photos with all of the guests couldn’t be easier with the aid of any one of a hundred different photo sharing apps that are completely free, plus you can save a boatload of cash by cutting the expense from your wedding budget. Many hipsters will still decide to hire a professional, but in my opinion that goes against everything that makes us hipster unique from the rest of the world.