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Add that special touch to your wedding with luxury bathrooms

Luxury Bathrooms Are The Perfect Way To Add That Extra Special Touch To Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, the first things you inevitably start to plan are the venue, the catering and possibly the photographer. These, to most brides and grooluxuryms-to-be are what they regard as the most important aspects of their big day, closely followed by the entertainment. Of course, whilst these are what is usually planned in the first instance, that’s not to say other things can’t transform your special day and add an extra special touch and one such way which we’re fond favourites of are luxury wedding toilets!

You may be questioning why you’d want to spend money on luxury toilet but trust us, it’s money well spent! It’s a well known fact that traditional ‘portable toilets’ aren’t too nice and it’s one of the things which guests at outdoor weddings complain about the most! Of course, at a music festival you expect grotty loos, however at a luxurious wedding, you expect luxurious everything and, quite rightly so, toilets are included within that!

Of course, who are we to shout about such luxuries and, in order to encourage brides-to-be to carefully consider this fantastic addition to their wedding day, we’ve teamed up with Event Washrooms, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of luxury toilets. They define themselves as, “one of the leading UK suppliers of luxury toilet hire facilities, VIP toilets and wedding toilet hire who have been providing stylish luxury portable toilets for hire for wedding receptions, parties, festivals, balls and corporate events of all kinds for over five years.” Trust us when we say that if there’s anyone to talk to about luxury toilets, it’s these guys!

In short, if you want to offer your guests the ultimate experience on your wedding day, you need to go all out and ensure every last little detail is nothing short of perfect! Whilst toilets aren’t usually at the top of anyone’s ‘must-sort’ list, they should be! At the end of the day, every single one of your guests will want to spend a penny during the day and why should they do so in anything short of luxurious? Your ‘bog standard’ (no pun intended) portable toilets aren’t in any way, shape or form luxurious and, as such, it’s a great way to impress your guests and give them somewhere to refresh themselves as well! Luxury toilets are rapidly gaining popularity and are fast becoming a ‘must-have’ for any outdoor wedding!

To us, it’s money well spent and a sound investment in both yours and your guests enjoyment of the day! What are you waiting for? Push ‘luxury toilets’ right to the top of your ‘must-sort’ list for your wedding planning and make an enquiry with your local specialists today. We’re confident you won’t regret it and, after the event, be wondering why it’s not something you’d previously considered!