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Farm Wedding – Your Big Day in the Countryside

A wedding day has to be the perfect and an occasion you cherish forever. It indeed the first page of many exciting chapters of life. When you plan your wedding, choosing the right location can a daunting task. If you get the right location, half the job is done. For instance, a rustic setting for your wedding is a timeless choice, one that will never go out of fashion. Here are some reasons why you should head off to the countryside for the big day.

A Getaway for Everyone

When you choose a picturesque setting for the wedding, it will leave a lasting impression on the guests too. For them, your matrimonial ceremony will be the centerpiece of a larger experience. It will include an exciting drive and some interesting explorations in a scenic and unfamiliar place. Your beloved friends and family will get to enjoy a wonderful getaway experience as well. When you choose award-winning locations like the Crockwell Farm Wedding Venue, you will have the options of extra services like catering, accommodations and more. The Northamptonshire location is also easily reachable, close to the arterial M40 and M1 motorways.

Do Your Ground Research

When you go and search for wedding locations, visit them during the time when you plan your wedding. That way you can get a rough idea of the light and the kind of setting for the important event. Ask about the weather conditions too. There will be a lot of miscellaneous costs involved – it is good to have an idea of the latest average stats when you start planning.

You also need to ensure that the location suits your wedding theme. An urban backdrop will spoil your rustic-style decor and a village setting might not mix with a red carpet theme. The best venue providers will ensure that you have support on all fronts, not just give the space for a period of time.

Go Green

You can have the best wedding without having too much of an impact on the surrounding environment. Countryside weddings offer the most beautiful setting in the most natural of ways. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by greenery and pristine nature. Even the best props cannot out stage that setting. Choices as simple as choosing locally sourced flowers and food add to the theme of the wedding and also reduce your carbon footprint. You can also arrange a coach or carpool for logistics – it creates more bonhomie amongst the guests and of course, reduces the energy impact.

Finding the Right Place

Wedding planning is stressful so you need to make sure that you choose venues where everything will be taken care of. Logistics are an important factor to consider when finalizing a wedding venue. Convenient lodging for the guests is another factor.