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Good Clean Bachelor Party Ideas: How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Guest post by Event Supply Shop

Bachelor parties have always been about cherishing the bachelorhood before hitting the weight of responsibilities in a married life. As much as the would-be groom is excited about this, his friends happen to be more excited. It often includes some crazy ideas which are not exactly what comes under the purview of ‘clean’. No inclusion of alcohol or rated R activities. Bachelor parties have stigma for being more rowdy than bachelorette parties.

If you are one of those guys who wants to keep it simple yet fun-filled, here are some of the best ideas for a clean bachelor party.

Adventure camping or hiking:

For all the people who enjoy an adrenaline rush, this is the best possible idea that there is to try out. The best part about it would be its feasibility because it is very easy to plan when you have your friends around. Plan a hiking trip or a jungle camp to the nearest place you know with your friends. You only need to prepare a list of close friends who would be doing this with you. Keep it in mind that this plan is not for a large group, so stick to the closest people you want to do this with.

Road trip:

There is a lot of friend’s group who have wanted to do this as a college bucket list task. You can actually put this up as your bachelor party celebration. Gather your college friends or people you have thought about it with, finalise a route or destination and rent a car. This would be even better if you stick to the road almost all time of the trip and camp at forests for food. This might be the best road trip ever of your life.

Food Hunt:

This is as great as it sounds and very literal from all aspects. Gather your closest friends and prepare a multi-city/town trip on the basis of their cuisine. You can also mark-up locations that serve the most unique dishes around. Hit those places with your friends and celebrate a long tour of hogging and building memories.

Sports event party:

Men go gaga over sports entertainment, be it of any kind. Fix a sport that has a common interest in your group and look for events near you. Plan ahead of the date and get yourself the enjoyment of the game with your friends.

Motorcycle Tour:

It has been a definite phase in every guy’s life to ride a motorcycle and go on a short trip with friends. Find a place that you would want to go. Make a route plan through some of the best roads available for biking. Most of the popular biking sites have the rented bike facilities so you can plan something away from your hometown as well. Or maybe ride your bikes to that place to make the trip even longer. Enjoy the nature with your friends in the open air.

All these ideas require the best company and the will to enjoy to the fullest. You can modify these ideas according to your needs too.

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