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How to Plan a Wedding on Budget

A wedding day is a day that everyone is anxious to make perfect as it is one of the happiest days in a couples life. You should have it in mind that being a happy day does not mean spending a fortune. When planning on your budget, there are some significant things to consider.

Avoid too many Guests
Having friends with a family at your wedding is a great idea. But how many do you want to invite?

You might be tempted to ask a large number of people to attend, which is not always a good idea. If many people are attending, it means that the cost will be increased. You might find yourself inviting people without realizing the list is growing bigger.

To save more on your budget, ask just a few. The event will be even more intimate because you will interact with them more. You can write the list down to make it as small.

Wedding Venue
Small hotels, village halls, and pub wedding venues are the wedding venues you can find with a bargainable price. If the interior is too plain, use stylish wedding decor to transform.

What many don’t know about is that an outdoor venue is relatively cheap than indoors. Chose an outdoor wedding venue to save money and enjoy wonderful surroundings. You can hire a wedding marquee to suit the number of guests expected to attend. If you do choose an outdoor wedding, don’t forget to budget for a power supply and portable toilet hire.

Ceremony Fees
Before a wedding, a ceremony fee of between 400 to 500 Pounds is paid. If you are planning on having a civil marriage, the amount will be covered to pay the registrar and the license. A church wedding is worth because the church can give you the church hall at a discount.

Best girls are important in a wedding. Many will avoid having them due to the cost of their clothes. If you can’t cover their cost, you can request them to pay for their clothes and give them the theme colour. Additionally, a different shade of dresses on each best girl is on trend.

Hair and Make-up
High-end make-up and hair require a tremendous amount of money. You don’t have to spend much on this sector. On a budget of less than 3,000, make-up and hair is something to forego. You can choose a style on the many tutorial YouTube video. A friend can do your makeup and you will be good to go. A simple style will make you comfortable. Lipstick, foundation, and mascara will make you look good.

Wedding Photographer
Finding a photographer charging 1000 or less can be hard. You can have a trainee or a student wedding photographer who is starting. Others with a good camera can prefer taking the photos for themselves hence cutting down the total cost.

Additionally, among your guests, you can have some friends take the snaps for you. Although photography work can be tiring, you can have two or more to take turns. Some can do it in the morning hours when making preparations while others during the wedding and the reception area. Some of the shots taken will be mind-blowing, and your budget will still be okay.